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How to Make Money As a Kid


It is likely that sooner or later your child will need his or her own money. A good advice is to let your child earn his own money. That will provide him the feeling of responsibility and the opportunity to feel himself more mature. The child will get priceless experience of working with different people, managing his own earned money and spending it wisely. Here is the list of some occupations that will help your child to get his first wages legally. Cutting the grass, babysitting or car washing are the popular occupations among the children who earn their own money. The most important question you will face is the matter of time. The children who work usually have enough time for that so their occupation won't disturb their studies. Make sure that your child doesn't only have enough time for school and rest but for the homework as well. Besides that it is also very important that your child is quite ready to start working. In the case he is absolutely ready you may try the following variants for the child-friendly business.



If your child loves communicating with the younger children you may be absolutely sure that the profession will suit him. The parents often need a good and reliable babysitter to look after their babies. You may also try to unite the babies in one group and let your child to look after them.

Helping the parents

This occupation has much in common with the babysitter. In the case your child is too young to look after the babies he may become a helper for the parents. He may help the parents to look after the children, feed them and play with them. In that way your child will not only earn some money but will also get the skills that are quite useful in any age.

Cleaning the house

Your child may clean the house instead of babysitting. There are a lot of household duties which could be the suitable ones for your child for example floor cleaning or dust removal.

Young shop assistant

That will be the seasonal business depending upon the place where you live. During the warm seasons your child may sell apple sider, coffee, donuts or some other munchies. If it is possible locate the tent with the munchies on the territory of the funfair. If your child enjoys handicraft you may sell his crafts as well.

Car wash

Car washing is the highly demanded type of the service. Let you child gather his friends in order to wash the cars. The owners of the cars may also receive some bonus if some of the children will sell them some beverages while their cars are being washed.

Animal keeper

If you child enjoys looking after the animals let him do that. This job presupposes washing, feeding and walking the pets of your neighbors or friends. Shy children who experience difficulties in communicating with their age peers usually succeed in animal care. In that way you will kill two birds with one stone. First of all the child will get the experience in contacting with his "employers" and learn how the money can be earned. In addition pets are the great psychologists. If your child asks you to give him a dog or a cat why not letting him look after the neighbor's pet first?

Helping the neighbors

If your neighbor is going to leave his house for a while your children may look after his house, water the plants and carry out some other household routine procedures.


  • Don't forget that the main activity of children should be studying.
  • Don't allow to work the children who have some problems with their health.
  • Don't let your child work if he hasn't enough time for that.



Sometimes the working children need some help and advice of their parents at first. Assist you children if necessary. Encourage your children to make their first money. Don't think that this is cruel or not fair towards kids, you are helping them to estimate the value of things since their childhood.

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