How to Make Mochi


Mochi is a type of traditional dessert of Japanese cuisine. These guys are little rise cakes that are usually served for New Year. They are being cut into pieces and members of family share them while wishing all the wishes and prosperity to each other. Of course today millions of people all over the world enjoy this dessert not only on New Year and its eve, but during the whole year round.

Also mochi could be used in soups (if they are taken in little pieces) you can find mochi ice cream (ice cream balls are wrapped in mochi) and even waffles made from mochi (so-called moffles).

Mochi could be found in an ethnic Japanese store, you wont be lucky to find them in a regular store for sure. In case you are a fan of mochi but you can't find them anywhere, you can make mochi at home.


We provide below our favorite mochi with cacao recipe. This dessert is relatively healthy, it's rather simple to make and top it all off it's absolutely delicious. If desired, you can serve these little cocoa guys with vanilla sauce.


2 cups of sweet rice flour;

350 grams of sugar;

3 tablespoons of cocoa powder;

1 ½ tablespoons of baking powder;

350 ml of condensed milk;

400 ml of coconut milk;

2 eggs;

1 ½ teaspoons of vanilla extract;

50 ml of vegetable oil


  • Preheat the oven up to 660 degrees Fahrenheit (350 degrees Celsius). Take a big bowl and mix all the dry ingredients together (rice flour, sugar, cocoa powder, baking powder). Mix them all together.
  • Take another bowl and mix all the liquid ingredients there (condensed milk, coconut milk, eggs, vanilla extract). Whisk them thoroughly.
  • By adding little portions, add all the dry ingredients to the liquid ones, mix them all the time. When both dry and liquid ingredients are in one bowl - work the dough.
  • Take a baking tray with high boards and smear it inside with vegetable oil. You can also use several smaller baking forms if you wish. Place the dough inside. Bake in the oven during an hour.
  • In 40-45 minutes after you put mochi into the oven, check if your pie is ready - take a toothpick test. If your toothpick remains dry after you remove it from cake - mochi is ready.
  • Take mochi out of the oven,place it on a wooden board and cover with dry kitchen towel. Cut them in squares of a size on an inch.


  • Don't forget to make a toothpick test - all the ovens have their own characteristics, it's better to start checking if mochi is ready once in 5-7 minutes that burn this cake.



Variety in meals and even desserts is very important. Even if you eat everyday the same very delicious dessert, you might get sick of it very soon. Try to bring variety in your daily meal and make Japanese dessert mochi at home.

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