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How to Make Minecraft Server


Playing Minecraft is awesome, but playing with friends is really a new level of awesomeness. Indeed, some people either stink in playing Minecraft or just not the best partners for this game. Engaging your friends with the game, you know that your opponent is someone you know, and it makes the game really fascinating. You can play Minecraft with friends using a Multiplayer mode and creating your own server. It's really easy to do even if you are a newbie. Here’s how you do it.

Multiplayer Beta Server Software;

wireless router;

Internet access



Download Multiplayer Server software

  • Go to Minecraft.net.
  • Find a Download link on the right.
  • Find Multiplayer Beta Server Software option.
  • Click on the Minecraft_Server.exe.
  • Create a Minecraft Server folder on your desktop and save the file in this folder.

Find out your IP address

  • Click on Windows icon on the desktop.
  • Type “cmd.exe” (without quotes) in the search bar.
  • Type “ipconfig” (no quotes) in the command line and hit Enter.
  • Find your IPv4 address and copy it.
  • Close the window.

Port forward

Find out what type of router you own

The process is similar for any router, but you’ll need to know the specific numbers.

Enter your router through your browser

To do that, you should enter a specific combination of numbers in the address line of your browser. You can find this information by googling “how to port forward your router”.

Access the Port Forwarding menu

Once you entered your router through your browser, go to the Port Forwarding menu. It’s usually displayed on the home page or under Application And Gaming tab.


Change the settings

  • Enter “25565” without quotes for both Start and End ports;
  • Set Protocol as UPD&TCP;
  • Enter your IP address from #2;
  • Enable the line;
  • Save the settings.

Start the server

Get back to your Minecraft server folder on the desktop and open the downloaded file. You’ll see more files appearing within the folder – that’s okay, don’t delete them or stop the process. From now on, you want to click this file every time you want to play with your friends.


Help your friends join you

Open your browser and go to ipchicken.com. You’ll see your external IP address – copy it and send to the friends you want to play with. All they need to do is launch Minecraft, choose Multiplayer, and enter this IP address.

  • Don’t forget to close the server when you don’t play. It uses up your Internet and takes some extra space on your computer, so don’t let it run all the time.
  • Don’t download Minecraft form torrents. Use a legitimate copy.
  • Don’t delete any files from the Minecraft server folder.



Yes, this tutorial looks as a bunch of steps and may seem tricky at first sight. Have no fear – it’s really easy to do although looks scary. Just be attentive to details, follow the guidelines, and don’t skip any steps. Feel free to check the video for extra visualization and create your own Minecraft server in as little as 20 minutes.

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