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How to Make Margaritas


The story of the famous cocktail Margarita is surrounded by lots of legends and myths. Almost each small town situated on the border between the U S. And Mexico proudly declares itself to be the birth place of Margarita. One of the legends says that Margarita was invented in 1938 by Carlos "Danny" Herrera, an owner of "Rancho la Gloria Bar" for the beginning actress Margarita King.

Another version involves Tommy Hilton, the well-known owner of the splendid hotels network. He is said to have tries that alcoholic beverage in 1948 for the first time. Once he found himself in a luxurious villa owned by a Texas aristocrat Margarita Sames. Soon the alcoholic beverage named after that splendid woman became being offered for all the visitors of the Hilton hotels.

The third story presupposes that the year of Margarita's birth is 1936 when Danny Negrete, the owner of "Crespo Hotel" made that cocktail for his girlfriend Margarita.

Anyway Margarita appeared between 1930 and 1950 and have entered the 21st century being one of the most popular cocktails in the world.

Margarita is a classic cocktail, the so-called anytime shot drink. That means it can be served either before or after meals. It also doesn't matter what beverage accompanies Margarita. This popular cocktail is being drunken relatively quickly as it has a moderate volume as a rule. The mast wide-spread way to serve Margarita is to serve it "straight up" (in a cocktail glass or the special Margarita glass). But if you ask to serve your Margarita "on the rocks" the barmen will give you the tumbler or rocks glass and turn your cocktail in a long drink. It isn't that difficult to make the delicious and juice Margarita if you follow these simple instructions. You will need all the ingredients, shaker, strainer and citrus press.



seven parts of tequila

four parts of liqueur Cointreau

tree parts of lime juice


  • Take these ingredients and mix all that in a shaker.


Pour the mixture into the Margarita glass carefully trying not to damage the salty edges. According to the rules of the International Association of Barmen you should take a special glass for Margarita, smear its edges with the slice of lime and put it upside down in the small plate with salt. The salt grains will stick to the edges and you''ll get that icy look.

Glass garnish

Decorate the glass with a slice of lime and serve it.

As any popular cocktail Margarita has its variants. What ingredients may be added so that Margarita would still remain Margarita?


Liqueur Variations

  • First of all you may try liqueur variations. You may use either Triple Sec or Cointreu. The difference between them can be noticed only by a professional mixologist.
  • You may use the French liqueur Grand Marnier or the Italian one called Grand Gala. Both these beverages are made of cognac and oranges.

Blue Margarita

You may also make the Blue Margarita. All you need is to add Blue Curacao which has the deep azure color. But don't be misled by its bright and unusual color. Blue Curacao is the orange liqueur which is made of the dries peels of oranges which grow in the Curacao Island, alcohol and the artificial colors.


Frozen Margarita

If you use blender instead of shaker and add ice you will get Frozen Margarita which is the perfect beverage on a hot summer day.


Strawberry Margarita

To make you Margarita the Strawberry one add three parts of strawberry pure in the whole mixture.


No extra sugar

Don't add too much sugar to your Margarita in order not to "kill" the taste of the liqueur you use.

Don't step away from the proportions

If you that, that'll only be a version of margarita but not the true cocktail itself.



The cool refreshing Margarita is exactly what you need for the beach party on the hot summer evening. The variety of the recipes of this popular cocktail make it appreciated by many people. Just adding some other juice to the glass with your Margarita may change its taste completely. Don't hesitate to carry out some experiments and throw the noisy and merry Margarita party!

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