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How to Make Love to a Man


Close and warm relationships of two people is the thing that many ones lack today. Captured by the hustle and crazy rhythm of the modern cities, people become more distant to each other and lose the bounds easily. That concerns not only parents and children, relatives or friends but also the married or dating couples as well.

Though it may sound surprising but even the couples who date less than a year may feel some alienation of affections. However that doesn't always mean that the feelings of the both partners have become less intense. Chronic fatigue, stress or misunderstanding may be the true reasons for that. If both partners work hard to improve their living conditions or their daily routine rhythms don't correspond some problems may appear. The good news is that all these obstacles should make the rare moments of intimacy even more tender and desired.


Get inspired

It often happens when women get turned on physically but not mentally. In that situation your partner won't get your complete attention. If you experience some difficulties with that you need to search for some inspiration during the whole day in order to get mentally turned on when you finally meet your boyfriend or husband in the evening or any time you guys meet. Think about your attitude, remember some pleasant moments. Browse some websites that might arouse your sexual fantasies. Imagine yourself together with your partner having fun. You need to become eager seeing him finally.

Prepare yourself for meeting your partner

Take into consideration that men also can smell and see no worse than we do. Take a shower and groom yourself to please your partner. Basically the one single rule that should be followed in this situation is to make sure your body is fresh and clean. That is all. What goes for any other options like hair removal, body scents or perfumes, glittering gels, make-up or sexy lingerie is just the matter of personal preferences. If your boyfriend likes your natural body hair why not leaving it just as it is? You shouldn't necessarily apply any scented lotion as clean and refreshed healthy body smells nice.

Create the nice atmosphere

The question of the right atmosphere for having intimate moments also concerns personal preferences. Think about your partner. What does he like? You may try making love to him in a quiet romantic atmosphere or on the opposite turn the loud techno music on and literally attack him in the hall.

Stay yourself and never cease exploring

Human body is the great mystery and you may keep on discovering the new sensitive spots and tricks that drive your partner crazy during your whole life. The best way to do that is to make love to your partner just the way you like. Stay sincere and your partner will appreciate that.

Follow your man

If your partner wishes to show you what does feel good and what does not you need to take into account that information. If you both feel quite comfortable to try something new why not to make some experiments? If you worry that you won't please your partner be sure that he will let you know about his secret desires.


  • Don't be rude during such moments of complete intimacy. Being rude doesn't always imply acting aggressively. On the opposite staying passive or cold may be rude in this situation as well. Listen to your partner's wish and don't make anything that would be unpleasant for him.
  • Don't pretend to be someone else. Even during the role playing you need to stay his girl. Men feel false attitude quite easily.
  • Don't force your partner to do something if he doesn't feel like doing that. Respect him as well.



Take into consideration that the main thing about making love is the fact that it is the expression of the ultimate trust and affection. If you are worried that you can't become the best lover ever there is some good news for you. The most part of men find the sex with their wives and girlfriends the best one in their lives only because they feel being loved and appreciated. If you love your partner and are absolutely sincere with him nothing will go wrong.

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