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How to Make Islam Part of your Life


Many people often ask the question how to become converted to Islam and which words does the man or women need to pronounce to become a Muslim immediately. Even in the case you don't know Arabic you have the chance to become a Muslim in a second. To accept Islam you need to start believing in the Single God with your whole heart. Gather the two witnesses who are the Muslims and say the following words with the sincere faith so that they would hear you properly. "There is no god but Allah and Muhammad is his prophet". That is all to become converted in Islam.

In the word "Allah" the sound [h] is pronounced like the pharyngeal [h] in the word "hello". After pronouncing these words you become the real Muslim and your life starts with the new page. All the sins you have committed before pronouncing these words are supposed to be forgiven.

But the main thing is to accept Islam with your heart and soul and make it the inseparable part of your life. So what laws and principles do you need to follow to become the real Muslim?


The faith in Allah

The faith in Single God presupposes the deep belief in the fact that He possesses the 20 unique characteristics that are typical only of Him and nobody else. Besides that the real Muslim should be aware of the 20 characteristics that can't be applied to Allah. That is the basic knowledge that gives the start to the other concepts and laws of the Muslim religion.

The unique attributes of God are:


2.Eternity without beginning.



5.God is Incomparable.





10.Eternal life.

11.God speaks to the people.

12.Everyone may hear God.

13.God sees everything.

14.He is almighty.

15.God has power.

16.God is all-knowing.

17.God is always alive.

18.God provides the messages for the people.

19.God is able to hear everything.

20.God sees the human soul.

The first step in your faith is to accept all these statements about God. The sincere faith requires witnessing of these 20 attributes of God. Besides that Allah has also the 99 epithets that characterize His perfection. Moreover He Himself knows the endless amount of His own names that reveal His incomprehensible essence.


The second important thing for the real Muslim is to accept the existence of the angels and the fact that these divine creatures have the special unique missions. The Muslims believe that the angels are free from sin and noble slaves of Allah. They obey Him fully and never break the Holy Law. They don't need food, water, sleep. The angels don't have any gender.


The third basic thing is the faith in the prophets that Allah sent to the Earth for the people to speak to them. The first prophet is supposed to be Adam and the last one is Muhammad.


  • Never let the hesitation overwhelm your heart. If that happens pray more diligently and follow the rules more strictly. Beg Allah to forgive your sins and give you the power to believe.
  • Don't allow yourself to joke about Allah. Tat is the deadly sin.
  • Don't allow yourself to get seduced. Avoid looking at the dirty or seductive things. Hide your body and the parts of your body separated from it like the cut nails or hair.



These are the basic three things tat make up the whole Muslim faith. Having accepted it in your heart without any skeptic thoughts you may obtain the mercy to become the faithful obedient Muslim. Say prayers and praise Allah to get more confident in your faith.

Obey the rules and the laws to obtain piece in your soul. Remember that the real faith is the great gift from Allah and you need to work really hard to get it.

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