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How to Make Iced Coffee


Most people drink coffee every day, some of them can't even wake up and go to work without a nice cup of coffee. Every morning we see huge lines in Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts, and all the people are craving for their morning doze of coffee. There are so many ways to serve coffee today and each person picks the one that he or she prefers. Coffee with milk, sugar, lemon, cream, syrup, caramel, iced coffee, and this is just a list of the most common ones. There are people who don't really like hot drinks or sometimes when it's really hot outside, all you want is a cup of iced coffee. Not necessarily you buy it as a coffee shop, you can prepare it at home yourself. Make sure you follow the guidelines given below and avoid contact of hot coffee with thin plastic pieces - you might damage them. So pour coffee into an empty plastic bottle to serve it in this bottle.


Coffee beans

First of all you need to buy quality coffee beans and figure out how much coffee beans you need for one cup of coffee. Mill the coffee beans with a coffee-grinder.

Making coffee

Take a cezve (turkish coffee pot) and warm it on fire, then add the milled coffee beans and let them get warm too, stir them a little. Then add water (you can boil water beforehand if you want) and stir until it boils. When it starts to boil, remove it from the fire, wait until the foam gets lower and put it back, wait till it boils again and remove it - it is ready. If you don't like coffee grouts, filter it.

Sugar, cream or milk

You can add to your coffee anything you want, most people prefer adding sugar and cream, it is your choice how much sugar / cream you want. If you put ice-cream in your coffee, it replaces both: cream and sugar, plus it becomes nice and sweet foam when it melts.

Ice cream

Vanilla ice cream, usual ice cream and chocolate flavored ice cream go with coffee the best. If you put ice cream in your coffee you have a big choice of flavors: you can have cherry coffee, or chocolate coffee, caramel coffee. In fact, they sell coffee with a plenty of flavors and you can find yours.


If you need to wake up, but you don't what to drink hot coffee because it is a hot summer day, then you can put some ice in it. But remember - the cooler the drink, the bitterer it seems, so you may need a little bit more sugar.


  • When you see your coffee is starting to boil in that cezve, don't hold it any longer otherwise it is going to boil over. After you removed it once, don't forget to put it back, as it is going to be ready only after the second time.
  • Don't let go of cezve, as when coffee starts to boil, it may be too late.
  • After you put ice in your coffee, don't put too much sugar - try first, you don't want to spoil the drink.



Coffee seems to be an easy thing to make, as we drink it so often. But it is actually not. Hope you are going to learn how to make coffee or improve your coffee-making skills and this article is going to help you with that. Anyway, keep on experimenting and create your own favorite recipes!

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