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How to Make Horchata


Horchata is an extremely popular summertime Mexican drink. With some ice in your glass, you can make this beverage delicious and refreshing and enjoy it in hot summer days. There are several variations of this recipe, but this one is a classic authentic Mexican horchata. It will refresh you better than all air conditioners in the world, and it obviously doesn't cost that much.


You'll need:

2/3 cup rice;

3 qt water;

12 oz evaporated milk;

1 tbsp vanilla;

1 tsp ground cinnamon;

14 oz condensed milk


  • Cool your hot water for a little while until you can put your finger in it and don't get burned.
  • Pour some water into the bowl with your rice and let it soak for 2 hours. If making horchata is not urgent, you can soak your rice in cold water and leave it overnight. Hot water just makes the process faster.
  • In case you are really short of time and can't wait for 2 hours, feel free to use 3 tbsp rice flour instead of regular rice. It's much easier, but authentic recipe suggests white rice. However, it doesn't actually make any difference in terms of taste or texture, so you can use rice flour. You can buy it at any supermarket or make it yourself by grinding the rice in spice grinder.
  • Once your rice is soaked, drain the water and put it in a blender. You know your rice is ready if you can tear it apart with your fingernail, but mind that it should be a bit firm in the middle.
  • Now, add vanilla extract, evaporated milk, condensed milk, and cinnamon. The amount of cinnamon and vanilla is variable because it depends on your personal taste. If you love strong flavor, feel free to add more than mentioned in the original recipe.
  • Close the lid of your blender and blend until nice and smooth. Usually, it takes about 2 minutes.
  • Add some ice cubes into the jar with 3 qt water and put a strainer or a 2-layer piece of cheesecloth on top.
  • Slowly add your blended mix to cold water, give it a good stir, and taste it for sugar. If you want it a little sweeter, feel free to add some more condensed milk.
  • Serve it in tall glasses with ice. You can also add some fresh fruits to the glass and decorate it with cinnamon sticks or mint if you want.


  • Don't add ice in the glasses if you are not going to serve the drinks immediately. Ice will melt and dilute the drink.
  • Don't store horchata at room temperature. Milk gets sour pretty fast, so you want to store it in the refrigerator.
  • Don't pour the whole bunch of blended mix when you strain it over the bowl of cold water. If you pour too much at a time, the mix might overflow. Be very patient when you strain your horchata.



So, horchata is very easy to make, although it may take a while to prepare it. Well, in fact, most of the cooking time is soaking, so the actual cooking time that you spend in the kitchen is pretty short. However, the result is totally worth it, so don't hesitate to slake your thirst with a traditional taste of Mexico.

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