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How to Make Hollandaise Sauce


In the French cuisine the hollandaise sauce is the one of the four "mother sauces". They are the four main sauces which are the basis for the whole variety of the other ones. The word "hollandaise" in the name of this sauce may denote that this sauce was originally the Dutch recipe or according to the other sources of information this sauce imitates the Dutch style of cuisine. The hollandaise sauce will perfectly match the taste of the hot vegetables, boiled fish or the Benedict eggs. The asparagus or spinach will also be the perfect match with this sauce. The basis of this sauce includes butter and egg yolks. The process of making the hollandaise sauce requires some experience and patience. This sauce has the texture of emulsion. That's why you will need he special equipment to ease your cooking. You will be able to cook the hollandaise sauce with the help of the necessary helpers in your kitchen like blender or kitchen unit. In that case the process of cooking will go faster and you won't have to whisk the sauce mass by hand forever. Using the blender will allow you to make the cup of the homogeneous sauce in no more than 10 minutes.




ground black pepper;

wine vinegar;

lemon juice;

apple juice;



  • To start making the hollandaise sauce you will need to use the blender at first. Put two egg yolks from the big eggs into the blender bowl. Add a couple of the ground black pepper sauce to the eggs. Whisk this mixture for one of two minutes until the mass become thicker.
  • Now take the small pan and pour some wine vinegar into it. Warm the vinegar together with the freshly squeezed lemon juice in 1 to 1 proportion. One tablespoonful of each ingredient will be enough.
  • Maximize the heat and let it boil.
  • While the sour mixture is just starting to boil take the blender bowl and add the whisked egg yolks in the small portions to the boiling mixture of the apple juice and vinegar.
  • After that turn the gas under the pan over.
  • The next step is to process the butter. Take three or four tablespoonfuls of butter and melt it in the pan on th minimal heat watching that it shouldn't acquire the brown color. The butter should be warmed till it reaches the relatively high temperature. You will see the bubbles on the butter surface. Now return to your blender.
  • Add the melted butter to the blender bowl. The thinner the flow of butter will be the better sauce you will get.
  • After you have added the butter turn the blender on for a minute.
  • Gather the sauce from the walls of the bowl an whisk the mass once more. Use the wooden spoon to stir the mass.
  • You should get the thick fatty creamy sauce. If you add the butter too quickly there is some risk that you won't get the homogeneous mass. If such thing happens add one more egg yolk and whisk the sauce once more. Take into consideration that each ingredient should be hot.


  • Don't add one ingredient to the other too quickly. In that way there appears the possibility to spoil the sauce.
  • Don't let the butter change its color.
  • Don't add too much vinegar.



If you wish to serve your hollandaise sauce hot you may warm it on the steam. Don't boil the sauce once more. In the case you need to support its temperature for the long time just put the cup with the sauce into the glass with the hot water.

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