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How to Make Hearts on Facebook


Facebook has a lot of features: it isn’t just about sharing your thoughts and news, you can share your photos, videos and other stuff. You can chat or video chat, join communities and use game apps, post pictures and jokes and etc. Everyone knows that you can make all sorts of symbols on Facebook, including flower bouquets, teddy bears, hearts and other symbols / emoticons. Hearts that you make on Facebook used to be black and dull, now you can make hearts of different colors and here we will tell you how to do that.


There are three major ways to make hearts and other symbols on Facebook and we are going to cover them here. Feel free to choose method you like the most (our personal favorite is method #3).


Combination of symbols

The most popular and simple way to make a heart on Facebook is by entering the following combination of symbols: “<” and “3”. Many computer users use this combination even when they know it is not going to transform into a heart, as the combination itself looks like a heart on the side: “<3”. If you enter this combination in a message or FB status, it will turn into a pink heart after you press Post, so just put “<3” into your status, like it is shown in the screenshot below:

After you do that, simply press the blue Post button and watch your symbols transform into a pretty pink heart:


Key combination

Another way to make a heart on Facebook is by using a key combination Alt + 3. Click on the message field (or your FB status field) and press Alt + 3. This is the easiest way, but unlike methods #1 and #3 it doesn’t always work. So if this method doesn’t work for you we suggest you use the previous or the next one.


Emoji symbols

There is a plenty of Emoji symbols, not just hearts. To view all of them, use this link: emoji symbols. Some of the Emoji symbols look like empty squares, but that shouldn’t bother you, just copy-paste one into your status / message field:

The thing is: your PC or Internet Browser may not support those symbols which is why you can’t see them. But Facebook supports them and after you press Reply (or Post) you get a heart:

Here is the full list of hearts and their names:

And this is how they look once you press Reply:


  • Don't be upset if you find an emoji resource and its emoji don't work - it happens. But the emoji site mentioned above provides emoji that do transform into symbols.
  • Don't send an amoji to a person if you are not sure what is hidden in that square: to check it, post it in your status first - you can remove it afterwards.



Making hearts and other symbols on Facebook is amusing, you should definitely try that. New emoji symbols appear every day, and maybe you can find a resource that has even more emoji than the site that we offered to you above.

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