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How to Make Green Tea


Green tea is made of the same kind of tea leaves as black tea. Green tea has a light green color because it undergoes different procedure of preparation: minimum oxidation. Green tea came to us from China and is now one of the favorite drinks of many people around the world. Green tea is proved to be great for health (much better than black tea) and making it - is no harder than making black tea. All you need for making a nice cup of tea is a tea pot and a quality green tea.



Tea leaves

To make green tea you need 2 gr (half a teaspoon) tea leaves per 100 ml (half a cup) water, give or take. There are no strict rules. Decide how much tea you want and put enough leaves into the tea pot or a cup. Then get the right amount of water (it has to be filtered).



When you brew tea, temperature of water should be 61 – 87 degrees C (142 – 189 degrees F). The best sorts of tea can be brewed even if temperature is not very high. The lower tea quality – the higher the temperature. When water comes to a boil, remove it from the heat and wait a minute. After that pour it into the pot. It will give some of the heat to your pot and the water will be of the right temperature. If your tea is of low quality, you can start brewing it right after water comes to a boil.



High quality tea may be ready in thirty seconds, while other sorts of green tea are to be brewed 2 minutes. You can cover the pot with a towel if you are not sure water is hot enough. A high quality green tea can be brewed and re-brewed two or three times – it is a common practice.



Green tea goes great with lemon, especially for those who are sick or want to boost their immune system. Lemon can make your tea lighter, and it doesn’t mean you didn’t brew it long enough. If you overcook your green tea, feel free to add some sugar (half a teaspoon). Green tea also goes great with honey and any other thing that black tea goes great with.


Tea kinds to try

There are a few kinds of green tea that taste quite nicely, you want to try them if you are a fan of green tea: Melissa green tea; chamomile green tea; lotus green tea; green tea with lotus and orange.


  • Don’t just heat the water (especially not in microwave), but bring it to a boil and let it chill if necessary.
  • Don’t overcook your tea, otherwise it will be a little bitter and have the unusual aftertaste (but some people actually like that).



Green tea has a great health value; it is not a medication, but it is a great way to maintain your health and prevent some diseases. As we all know: a disease is easier to prevent than to cure. Green tea is good for vessels, it helps to lose weight, fight some chronicle diseases and even tumors.

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