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How to Make Google Go Crazy


Google is the most popular search engine there is. Major part of Internet users all over the world use it when they need to find some sort of information online. Yahoo takes the second place, followed by BING and Ask. One of the fun things Google does is playing with its SERP (search engine results Page) - the page returned by Google in response to a key term or phrase you enter in its search box. There are certain phrases that Google takes as commands (it performs the search after it does a trick).


Do a barrel roll

Once you enter this phrase into Google search box, search engine results page will start rotating. It will make 1 roll and come right back.

Let it snow

This one doesn't work in summer. Try typing it into google search box in winter. Your computer screen will kind of "freeze" and you will see little snowflakes flying around. It looks really festive around holidays.

Zerg rush

After you enter this phrase, you will see Google "O"s drop down, they will destroy the search results as they fall, to "protect" them, point mouse cursor and shoot the "O"s. In the end you will see the score at the top right hand corner. To stop the game and see the search results, press button that says "clear". If Google beats you at this game, its "O"s will arrange into two large "G" letters.


Enter "tilt" if you want to incline the search results page.

Google gravity

Enter these words into the search box if you want to see google page fall apart. You can lift the pieces using your mouse cursor and do whatever you want with them.

Google Chuck Norris

If you type these words into Google search box, you will get following search results: "you don't find Chuck Norris, he finds you", "run before he finds you", or "try someone less dangerous". There is a plenty of ways to make google go crazy, all you have to do is enter a phrase.


  • Don't freak out when Google goes crazy, if you want it to get back to normal, just clear the search box. If you don't know where it went, just enter google.com in the address field and press enter to get back to "normal" Google.
  • Don't get upset if you can't make Google go crazy, try pressing "I'm feeling lucky" after you enter a phrase.



Google was created by Sergey Brin and Larry Page in 1996. There is a plenty of reasons why Google is so popular. It finishes the key phrase you enter, it helps to convert currency (e.g. dollars to euro), temperature (Fahrenheit to Celsius), and etc. But it is not that boring as you can see, its developers sure have sense of humor.

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