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How to Make Feather Earrings


The feather earrings is the bright and fashionable trend of the last years which is able to attract so much attention that a few girls finally have enough courage to wear the feather earrings during the daytime. However the heavy massive jewelry is the hottest trend of the recent years and the feather earrings are not an exception. They will suit any image and make you look more interesting and attractive.

So which clothes will these earrings match with? The leading world famous stylists advice not to hesitate and wear the feather earrings with any clothes you wish to create various looks. That will depend upon their size and color. You may wear this type of jewelry at work, in the university or college and on some parties combining it with different outfits. They will look great combined with the slim fit bright mini dress and the bright maxi skirt.


You'll Need:

several feathers of various length;

small silver rings;

earring fixture;


(they may have various shapes possessing 1 or 2 loops; calottes are used to attach the knots and various details, in this case- feathers)

polymeric clay


  • To make the simple feather earrings you won't have to spend a lot of money. You may take any feathers you like. It is necessary to choose the symmetrical ones. You may take several features of the various length for one earring to create the effect of cascade. You my also choose the pairs of feathers of the bright colors.
  • Take the feathers and remove all the unnecessary details and the excessive fibers.
  • Run the sharp and of the feather through the calotte loop.
  • Fix the end of the feather in place with the help of the small ball of the polymeric clay.
  • Remove the excessive polymeric clay.
  • Attach the ring to this construction.
  • To make the cascade attach the rest feathers in the same way.
  • Attach the calotte loop to the small silver ring.
  • Attach the whole construction to the earring fixture.
  • Your earrings are ready.


  • Don't use too much polymeric clay to attach your feathers. Use the smallest ball of it possible.
  • Don't neglect the safety rules when you will be using the sharp tools such as paper knife or scissors.
  • Don't limit you imagination. Be creative!



Such earrings will also look great with jeans and tops, leggings and long tunics. You may wear the short skirts and the same colored feather earrings. The long feathers will look well with the evening maxi dress. The evening feather earrings are usually decorated with glitter and diamond-cut steel heads. The peacock feather earrings are the best choice for the evening party. The peacock feathers combine the great amounts of color shades and will be combined easily both with the evening smart shiny gown and the short jeans jacket. If you wish to wear the maxi skirt with some top you will have to choose the earrings that will match your skirt. In that way you will look great. You may also match your feather earrings with the clutch or accessories. It is not recommended to match such earrings only with your top. If they touch your shoulders they may look dull on the background of your top. The main advantage of the feather earrings is the fact that even the largest ones won't pull your earlobes down that's why it is very comfortable to wear them. That is the good new for those who can't wear the large pieces of jewelry because their earlobes hurt.

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