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How to Make Fabric Flowers


Fabric flowers can make even the dullest piece of clothing look way better, and you can use them to decorate your beanies, shoes, hairpins, blouses, etc. You know that the same clothes can look different depending on the decorative elements, and flowers are exactly what gives your clothes and accessories a nice romantic look. Besides, you can use them to make decorative flowerpots that look amazing in any interior. The good news is fabric flowers are really easy to make. All you need is a basic set of tools and materials, some patience, and a bit of knowhow.


  • Choose the fabric for your flowers. It can be anything you want, from plain cotton fabric to any kind of unusual fabrics you managed to get with any type of fancy patterns.
  • Fold your sheet 4-5 times so that you have a piece of fabric with 8-10 layers. The more layers you use the fluffier is your flower.
  • Iron and pin it to keep the layers in place.
  • Take a template: you can use a glass or anything that you can use to draw a perfect circle. You'll need 2 templates of different sizes, so that the first one is about 1-2" wider in diameter than the second one. Use a pencil of a matching color or a piece of chalk to outline the template.
  • Cut out both circles, fold them 4 times, pin, and make several symmetrical cuts on the fold lines.
  • Hold it pointed side down and cut off the excess fabric over the top and round it up to make it look like a water drop.
  • Unfold the fabric - it should now look like a flower with 8 petals.
  • Take one layer, fold it so that the petals that face you are in between the petals of a previous layer.
  • Then, fold it over 2 times and apply a drop of fabric glue on the pointed part. -Press it with your fingers, make sure the glue did its job, and set this piece aside.
  • Repeat that with the rest of the layers, both large and small.
  • Take your base (it can be a rounded piece of felt, about a cotton pad size), apply some glue in the center, and press the pointed side of each large detail that you've made earlier to the center of the base. Make sure they are all leveled and the whole construction looks like a perfect circle.
  • Then, put some glue over the center again and press the smaller details in the same circle fashion. Make sure you place this layer of petals in between the petals of a previous layer.
  • Once you finished that, set the flower aside to let the glue dry completely. -After that, fluff it up a little bit.
  • Now, your article looks like a flower, but the center still looks unfinished. Feel free to glue some fancy button or beads to make it look like a real flower. Attach a pin to the back side of the base or just glue it on whatever you want.


  • Don't use regular stationery glue. You want to buy special fabric glue in a craft store.
  • Don't use too soft fabric. They fail to give your flower that nice and fluffy look.



Making a beautiful fabric flower from scratch is really easy. It doesn't require any obnoxious sewing and measuring, and you can make your old dull clothes look fantastic by pinning of these flowers to them. Feel free to use them for head bends, shoes, bracelets, or decorative vases and bouquets.

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