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How to Make Dream Catchers


Everybody wants to sleep quietly and tight. But alas sometimes we can't manage to sleep tight during the night and wake up tired and irritated. The daily troubles and worries follow us even in our dreams. The Indians of North America have invented the dream catcher which is aimed to protect the human being from the scary and worrisome dreams. The Indians used the natural organic materials for that objects. It is possible to find these materials on their homeland easily. Of course it would be better to make the dream catchers using the natural materials such as flexible wooden branches, dry leaves, feathers of the birds, pearls and woolen threads. However the European people have learned to make these dream catchers of the synthetic materials they have at hand. These ones work no worse than the original ones do.


You'll Need:

wooden flexible branch;

thick cotton thread;

beads and pearls;

sewing needle;


paper knife;



  • Cut the branch diagonally from each side. Bend it in a circle. Attach the both ends to each other and fix them in place. If the branch won't bend properly you may keep it in the boiling salty water for some time. You may use the adhesive tape or just stapler gun to connect the ends.
  • Start twisting the cotton thread around the wooden circle. You may use two or more colors and alter them in the equal amount of twists.
  • After you finish the ring start making the net resembling the spiders web. -Divide the ring into 8 parts. Make the free loop on the first point. Twist the thread once around this place and make the same loop on the second point. -Make 8 loops using this method.
  • After you finish the row run the thread through the first loop and make a knot. Decorate it with the bead. Finish the row decorating each knot with the bead or pearls.
  • String the big pearl in the middle.
  • Take the thread and hang the dream catcher.


  • Don't use the synthetic materials if you have the natural ones.
  • Don't make the loose loops. Strain them tightly.
  • Don't make you r dream catcher when you are in the bad mood.



To decorate your dream catcher use some feathers. You my color them as well. Hang the dream catcher next to your bed or the place where you sleep more often. The dream catcher will help you to catch the nightmares and let the pleasant or neutral dreams come free through the net. In that way you won't see any nightmares or scary dreams. The dream catcher will also work as the effective amulet or spiritual protector. After the dawn all the nightmares caught in the catcher will die. The good dreams will get into the net, make their way to the center of the catcher and move into your head. After that you will see them.

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