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How to Make Coffee


Coffee is one of the most popular beverages all over the world. That may be explained by its unique aroma and rich taste. It also makes the people more energetic and creates the good mood. It makes you feel alive. However not all fans of coffee know how to make it in the right way so that its taste wouldn't be spoiled. In this article you may find the information about the best way to make coffee which allows to retain its rich aroma and refined taste of roasted coffee beans. The important things that can't be neglected is after taste of coffee. If coffee is made incorrectly its after taste won't be that good. In most part of the cases coffee made on the excessively intensive heat may appear to have sour after taste.


Prepare coffee beans

Grind some coffee. It is better to keep your coffee in beans and grind it each time you want to drink this hot beverage. Keep the beans in a glass jar with tight lid. Such lid will prevent the aroma from escaping from coffee beans. So you have just grounded some coffee. We recommend you to grind it fine so you can use any of the methods described below.

Coffee in Turkish pot

For making coffee Turkish style, you'll need a special Turkish coffee pot - a cezve. For each small cup of coffee you need 1 teaspoon of ground coffee. Put needed amount of grind coffee and water into cezve and place it on fire. As soon as the water start boiling - remove it from heat immediately. now your coffee is ready.

Coffee in Spanish coffee maker

Put coffee and water considering that for each small cup you need about 1 teaspoon of ground coffee into lover part of Spanish coffee maker. Install the upper part over it and place it on low heat. As soon as you hear noises - the coffee is ready and you should remove your coffee maker.

Fast coffee

It is a method that will give you fast and no effort coffee. Put ground coffee in a cup (1 teaspoon fro 1 small cup, if you cake a big bug then place 2 teaspoons). Pour it over with boiling water and cover it with a plate or some sot of a lid. Leave it like that for about 5-10 minutes. Then just remove the lid or whichever object you were using and your coffee is ready.


  • Don't add too much or not enough coffee - you will most likely spoil the taste.
  • Don't boil coffee. As soon as you see its boiling - remove from heat.



As you can see there are several ways of making coffee. We didn't mention making coffee by means of coffee maker and coffee machine because these devices made this process almost automatic and they don't require that much skills as you always have an instruction. Our favorite method is making coffee in Turkish pot, as it gives very rich taste.

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