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How to Make Chocolate Covered Pretzels


There are many legends which tell the story of pretzels. Their peculiar form makes pretzels easily recognized treats all over the world. One of the legends says that in the ancient times the monks of one of the Catholic monasteries were starving. They asked God to send some food to them endlessly praying and shedding tears. Finally a divine wonder happened. The flour began to fall from the sky. Gradually the sky flour turned into the real rain. The monks crossed their hands on their chests to express their gratitude for that gift. They collected all the flour carefully and baked the bread. They formed the bread and made it remind the hands crossed in the sign of gratitude. That is how the first pretzels are supposed to appear.

The German equivalent for "pretzel" denotes "to twist" or "to bend". It seems that the most wide-known pretzel is Brezel which is especially popular in the Southern regions of Germany. The diameter of the classic Brezel makes 4 or 5 inches but they also bake larger and smaller Brezels as well. The batter for the national German Brezels is made of the wheat flour with thrusting and water. The classic Brezels are being dipped into the weak bakery soda solution before they are put in the oven. Due to that procedure they acquire that specific gloss and the pleasant brown color. If you wish you may make your own pretzels at home. The recipe is not very complicated so you will easily cook the delicious pretzels with your children.



4 tablespoonfuls of the boiled hot water;

1/2 glass of the warm melted butter;

1/4 glass of the brown cane sugar;

1 teaspoon of vanilla sugar;

1/4 teaspoon of salt;

1 big egg;

2,5 glasses of the wheat flour;

1 egg yolk to smear the surface of the pretzels to make it glossy


  • Whisk warm melted butter with the brown cane sugar. Add vanilla sugar and 4 tablespoonfuls of the boiling water. Continue whisking the mixture until it gets completely smooth;
  • Now add the flour. Add it using the tablespoon and keep on whisking. Add the salt. Make the batter. When you see that the batter gets too thick to be stirred with the whisk - start braking it with your hands;
  • When the batter is ready cover it with thin layer of flour and put it into a thin plastic bag. The flour will prevent the batter from sticking to the bag. Put the flour into the fridge for half an hour to let it cool down;
  • Take the batter out of the fridge half an hour later and divide it into 24 small pieces;
  • Make 24 small pretzels. Put them on the baking pan covered with the special paper. Smear each one with the egg yolk;
  • Put them into the hot oven for half an hour. The ready pretzels should be dry;
  • Melt the chocolate. Using the brush smear each pretzel with the hot chocolate. Let the pretzels cool down naturally.


  • Don't leave the pretzels in the oven for more than 40 minutes.
  • Don't add the whole amount of flour at once. Add serving after serving to make the batter smoother.
  • Don't keep your pretzels in the warm place.



Salty pretzels will match the taste of soups and fish perfectly but it is more likely that your children will enjoy sweet pretzels covered with chocolate more. If you add less sugar the, pretzels will be suitable for eating with coffee or sweet tea. Enjoy your meal together with your family. You may serve both the pretzels with chocolate and the plain one for your guests to choose.

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