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How to Make Business Cards


Making a business card is important if you start up your own business. This is why you ought to to create a card that is going to look presentable and draw attention. Making your business card in MS Words is simple, but you have to use a pattern / template for that, because if you just type your name, title and phone number, there is no way it is going to look presentable. Here is how to make a business card in MS Word, fast and neat.



Create Word document

First of all you need to create new MS Word document and open it (this is if you are using MS Office 2007). Click on the round Office icon in the upper left hand corner of the document and choose "New" from the menu that appears.


Get a business card template

You need to have access to the Internet in order to do that, as you are going to search for business card templates - MS Office is going to connect to the Office site. All you have to do is enter the words "business cards" and search for them. The next thing you are going to see is the loading line, the phrase "Searching… Microsoft Office Online" and the "Stop" button. After the loading is finished you are going to see the business card templates you can choose from (Avery Fifty-Three-Seventy-One contractor, etc.). Think carefully before you choose, because it is the first little document that is going to represent your business.

You can preview and try out different business card types by clicking on them. When you click on a business card template (just once) you will see the preview on the right. To select the template, double click on it. MS Office will load it automatically.


Edit template according to your preferences

They may not look like business cards from the first sight, but there is nothing to worry about. These are just templates, you can edit them or completely change them, it is your choice, you can change a business card's style, color, and all the details. By editing a template you can create a perfect unique business that is going to reflect your taste and agree with the type of your business.


Insert information

When you design your card in your special way, you can type in your name, your business, contacts (phone number or / and e-mail, your office address). It will be great if somebody checks if all the information is correct.


Print it out

After you are done editing the templates in order to get a perfect business card, you can print it out. Use good quality paper or bring it to specialists that'll provide you with great appropriate paper.


  • Don't forget to put a stock in your printer.
  • Don't forget to check if there are enough sheets to print out all your business cards.
  • Don't make your business card to bright
  • Don't combine too many colors
  • Avoid numerous details as they may make your business card look not serious but messy.
  • Don't print out a bunch of business cards at once - first you need to print out just one, because it may look different on paper and if you don't like it, don't be lazy and re-make it.
  • Don't forget to check your spelling, it is very important (even though there are not so many words to check). And if you get your phone number or e-mail wrong, it may seriously affect your career.
  • Be thorough making your business cards, but don't waste too much time doing it - business card is important, but there are much more important things to do.



Business card is what represents you, it is "the face" of your business. All you need to make a business card is a little bit creativity and a set of templates. Even if you don't have a printer, you can pay to get your business cards printed out. Templates can be downloaded from the Internet, but you can easily design a card yourself. Just have fun with it.

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