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How to Make Beats


From this article you will easily learn the information about the following things. If you wish to create some rap song you will need the beats. So if you are aiming to find the answers to the questions "How to make the music for rap?" or "How to make the beats that will encourage all the people around to start dancing to your techno track?" proceed reading this article.

To make beats you will have to decide for yourself at first which type of music would you like to create. That may be rap, funk, electroclash or any other sort you like. Think about the result you wish to get. Imagine what the output product should sound like. Have you made your decision? Great! Now proceed with choosing all the necessary software. It is not a secret anymore that today almost each musician uses some computer programs to create the beats. Even if you are an experienced beatboxer you will have to record some sample and only then make the looping.


Define the type of beats you are going to make

Now let us consider the process of making the music. First of all you will have to decide if you are aiming to make the plain beats of include some simple melody in it. Beats is the part of the drums that's why you will have to make the nice rhythm and only then develop the whole piece.

The choice of the drums should be made wisely

The kick, snare or slap should rock the audience. Listening to the professional track you can easily understand that all of them have the rocking rhythm. And in the case you would like to create some mainstream track with the purpose to play it in the clubs the rocking rhythm is the obligatory thing. That will make all the chicks in the club shake their bodies to the rhythm.


The important part of the beat itself is the transition moment. Usually the transition is necessary to connect the end of the verse and the beginning of the chorus. It is important so that the hook wouldn't spoil the whole impression from the track but would add some peculiar unique hints to it. It is up to you to choose what beats to use: bass, kick, snare or clap.

Simple and catchy melody

In the case you would like to add some melody to make the track complete take into consideration the following thing. The most important aspect for the simple melody that adds to the beat is its ability to be remembered easily. The melody that overlays the beats shouldn't be a complicated one. The ones who have listened to your beats at least once shouldn't be able to get rid of the rhythm beating in their minds. Dr. Dre himself states that the more primitive the melody is the better. However you will have to spend a lot of hours in the studio to create the catchy simple melody that complements the beats.

Unite the beat with the leading melody

Now you should create the part that will unite your beat with the leading melody. You may use hi-hats or percussion for that. It is important to avoid all the sounds becoming a mess. Remember that the main part of the beat is the rhythm. That is the rhythm that unites the various sounds at the ones hand and on the other hand prevents them from becoming a hodgepodge.


  • Don't try to make the sophisticated beat. The simple but catchy one will be more impressive.
  • Don't add too many effects. The beauty is in simplicity.
  • Don't neglect the final editing of the track. That makes the great difference.



You may also try to add some new melody to the bridge, use some peculiar instrument for your beat or use some additional sound effects. It is better to listen to some samples of the acknowledged music stars to get the idea about what you want to get. You may carry out some experiments with the rhythm or sound to add something individual to your track. Try to use the features typical of the selected branch of the music.

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