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How to Make Alfredo Sauce


There are a lot of dishes that can be served with Italian sauces such as Alfredo. You may put it on you fried chicken breasts or shrimp salad. Alfredo is one of the most well-knows pasta sauces which is no less popular than Pesto or Bolognese. Alfredo is the smooth creamy thick sauce which covers each piece of your pasta and adds the rich cheesy taste to the whole dish. For the first time that sauce was cooked in 1914 by the Italian chef Alfredo di Lelio in his own restaurant at Via del Scrofa in Roma.

Today it's most frequently used in cooking Fettuccine Alfredo and this is one of the most basic and classic recipes in Italian cuisine today



Classic Alfredo sauce


2 glasses of fat cream;

small piece of salt-free butter;

ground Parmigiano cheese;

sea salt (to taste);

freshly ground black pepper;

fresh parsley, chopped;

fresh garlic (to taste);

dash of ground nutmeg


  • Warm the small pan with thick bottom on the intense fire. Pour a little fresh cool water into it. Let almost all the water vaporize but leave some drops of it on the bottom. That will prevent the cream from scorching.
  • Remove the pan from the cooker and pour the cream into it. Place it on the fire again and wait until your cream start boiling. Lessen the fire and let the cream boil until it cook down twice from its initial volume.
  • Peel the clove of fresh garlic cut it into 4 pieces, put it onto the cutting board and press it with the flat side of the kitchen knife. In that way the garlic will release more fluid containing natural aromatic essential oils which add the unique rich taste and scent to your sauce.
  • Put the garlic into the hot cream. In five minutes take it out with the help of slotted spoon. That will be enough to add the distinctive garlic aroma to the sauce but removing the garlic will prevent the sauce from acquiring the unpleasant "metal" waft.
  • Remove the pan from the fire. Add butter and mix it up carefully with the help of utility whisk. The sauce should become smooth, homogeneous and glossy.
  • Continue mixing the sauce and add the cheese in small portions. After that you may add salt and pepper if you wish.
  • Use the cut fresh parley to decorate the dish before you serve it.

Alfredo sauce with egg yolks


you will need the same products plus:

2 fresh yolks


  • If you feel like adding egg yolks cook the Alfredo sauce according to the recipe mentioned abode and carefully insert the yolks into the hot sauce with the help of the whisk.



Don't leave the garlic pieces in the sauce

They may add some unpleasant taste hint.


Small portions

Don't throw all the ingredients in large portions. In that way your sauce won't be creamy and smooth. Use the whisk.


Parmigiano then salt

Don't add salt before you add Parmigiano Reggiano. It is a salty cheese so there is the certain possibility to over salt your Alfredo sauce.


Egg yolks into hot sauce

If you cook Alfredo sauce with egg yolks make sure that you add them while you sauce is still hot enough. Otherwise they may ball up.



There are a lot of different ways to serve Alfredo sauce. Its rich creamy taste will perfectly match pasta or chicken. You may add it to the salads as well. Being served as salad dressing Alfredo sauce will make it more nourishing and solid. It will also match the taste of mushrooms. You may serve it with julienne as well.

Alfredo sauce may be added in cream soups as well. It is a perfect idea for cool autumn and winter evenings when it's necessary to consume enough proteins and fats.

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