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How to Love Someone


Love can be pretty complicated. Sometimes we have a hard time figuring out how to show our affection to someone. People we love can be hurt by the lack of affection or to be overwhelmed with it. This article is about how to show your love to a person you really care about. Truth to be told, there are no universal rules, because every person is different. Here we offer you some advice on how to love someone, keeping in mind that even though people are different they have a lot in common. We sincerely hope our article helps you make another step towards happiness.



I am by your side

First of all you have to realize that you and your beloved one are on the same side. Like family. Your love should be unconditional, you should let the person realize that you are going to be by their side no matter what. They shouldnít be afraid to share something with you just because they think you wonít understand. Do your best to understand and offer help when necessary.


I am not angry with you

When you come home after a long hard day at work and look angry, or when you meet your beloved one after a hard day, you may look angry or exhausted, but you need to show the person that you are just tired, and not mad. Tell them what you did today and what got you so tired, but donít go details and avoid getting mad.


I want to make your life better

Show your concern when you see that your partner is upset. Ask if they are tired or worried about something. If your partner is exhausted from work, maybe itís time to take a trip together, and have some rest. Show that you want to make life of the person you love a little bit easier, that you are not indifferent. Show genuine interest in their life. Make wonderful surprises.


I respect your privacy

You should know when to give your partner some space. Everyone needs privacy, and if you know your beloved one needs it at the moment, you have to give it to them. But donít disappear, donít be distant. Let them know you are still around.


I want to know your opinion

Talk to your partner and make them realize their opinion is important to you. This way you will let them know you are interested in their personality, that their body / what they give you / do for you isnít why you are together. You are together because you like each other for what you are.


  • Donít overuse terms of endearment. It doesnít mean you shouldnít use them at all, but most people (both men and women) find frequent use of such words annoying.
  • Donít play hard to get, and avoid being distant. A loving person needs to know you are there for them.
  • Donít suffocate your special someone with your love.
  • Donít talk about love too early, and donít demand proof of love without a good reason.
  • Donít use your love as an excuse for what you do or what you want your partner to do.



Loving someone isnít hard, all you need is to bond. There is a lot of bonding opportunities, you just have to look around. Not only do you have to spend time with a person, you have to try to understand him or her. Be attentive, that's all. Remember that you and your beloved one are on the same side, no matter what.

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