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How to Lose Weight


Lots of holidays have passed and lots of other ones are coming, so you may probably see a little ring around your middle that you want to get rid of. If you feel like losing extra pounds, you would find a lot of various dieting schemes and plans.

Any healthy weight loss system comes in 3 stages:

  • psychological preparation
  • dieting
  • physical workouts.

Of course, we are all created different and there is no panacea that suits everyone, but still, there are some rules that guarantee healthy weight loss in any case.



Decide how many pound you need to lose

Choose your ideal weight and calculate the number of pounds you want to lose. It's very important to know your enemy and plan your diet according to some definite purpose. Thus, for example, set your goal as "90 pounds is my goal, so 15 pounds should be lost in 2 months". After that, divide this large purpose into several smaller goals, like "I must lose 2 lbs every week".


Switch to healthy snacks

It's not a secret that quick snacking during the day can make you gain more weight than eating fattening main courses. Thus, opt for fruits, nuts and yoghurts instead of sandwiches and chocolate.


Go vegetarian

Try to stick to vegetarian diet. Whole grains, fruits and vegetables will speed up the process of weight loss beyond recognition.


Often meals in smaller portions

Eat more often. Refuse to your habitual 3-times-a-day scheme and eat smaller portions 6-7 times a day. Such scheme will help your digestion processes work faster and more efficient. If you can't afford eating 6 times a day, choose the following scheme: nutritious breakfast, smaller lunch and tiny dinner.


Plenty of water

Drink as much water as possible. It launches detox processes and boosts metabolism. Drinking 8 glasses of water is perfect. For those who don't know, soda and other sweetened drinks contains a lot of calories, let alone booze. So, drinking juices and green tea can aid you tremendously with your weight loss program.


Choose the right fitness program

It is impossible to lose weight considerably if you don't work out. Sure you can reduce the amount of calories you consume, but this will take you very long time to see the results. Sport is for those who want results. No sport equals no results. If you want to lose weight - force yourself to go to the gym or workout at home or outdoors. No excuses.

Do the cardio workouts like jogging or treadmill, elliptical, visit step classes, do the skipping rope - whatever makes you happy. To strengthen muscles do Pilates and swim.


Long Walks

Say "Yes!" to long walks. 30 minutes of medium speed walking can help you burn 250 calories! Try to go home from work afoot every other day. Another good think to turn into your habit is refusing to using elevator and going up the stairs.


Single abs workouts won't help

Don't do abdominal workouts prior to losing weight with a diet. The point is these workouts don't actually burn fat but strengthen the abdominal muscles. There's no use in abs under the layer of fat, isn't it?

No slimming products (teas, shakes, etc)

Don't try to cheat by drinking slimming teas or taking pills. The point is excessive intake of these teas and pills results in enormous loss of vitamins and micro elements, including calcium and potassium.

Don't smoke

Many people think that smoking helps with weight loss. In fact, cigarettes suppress your appetite, but alongside with well known dangers of smoking, there is another side effect - it causes cellulite, and besides, your body would doubtlessly do its best to gain these pounds if you decided to quit.

No enemas

Don't use enemas for weight loss. Enema can help you get rid of toxins, but it also affects the microflora of your intestine.



So, basically, this is the matter of habit. Any weight loss plan starts with cravings and pain, but as soon as you get used to your new nutrition scheme, it will be much easier to follow. Just be persistent, keep a diary and stay in touch with other people who are on their ways to a perfect body. Use others as your best motivation!

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