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How to Lose Water Weight


If you started noticing that in the evenings the deep marks from the socks and jeans seams and the fact that your weigh has increased without any obvious reasons, your favorite shoes have become too tight, the visible cellulite has appeared and the bags under the eyes have become bigger all that may be the symptoms of the excessive water accumulated by your body.

There is the simple diagnostic method that will help you to define either you have some swelling or not. Press your fingers tightly against your leg below the knee. In the case you may see the marks left by your fingers you may have some swelling. Of course there are some hidden swelling of the inner organs but only the doctors are able to evaluate the state of the organism in those cases. To diagnose the inner swelling a doctor needs to perform the regular weigh control of his or her patient, the blood pressure measuring and monitoring the urine tests. The reasons for swelling may be different. In particular that may be malnutrition, electrolyte imbalance, excessive drinking when the fluid intake excesses its release, hypodynamy, the habit to sit with the legs crossed, uncomfortable shoes, pregnancy, premenstrual syndrome, kidney disease, digestive system disorders, metabolism imbalance and some other illnesses.


There are the harmless methods that will help you to get rid of the swelling and reduce the amount of water in your body without going to the hospital.

Nutrition plan

First of all reconsider your eating habits. The swellings and the excessive weight are the effects of not the excessive consuming of water but consuming the products that store the water and prevent our body from releasing it. First of all that is salt and carbohydrates. The ancient dwellers of the deserts used to lick the salt stones to keep the water locked inside the body which helped them to prevent dehydration. Our task is quite the opposite. Eat less salt refuse from eating crisps, fried dishes, salty shacks. Sweet beverages also stay longer in our body than the pure water. Eat more fruit and vegetables, natural cream without sugar, seeds, nuts, fish and diet meat. Drink pure water and herbal tea.

Thermal therapy

Sauna and hot bath also will help you to get rid from annoying swelling. But take into consideration that before and after sauna you are not recommended to drink any water or fluids. Repeat this procedure twice or three times a week. Such procedure will help you to lose almost 1 lb per one session.

Contrast leg shower will not only help you to get rid from swelling but also strengthen the blood vessels.

Muscle strain and relaxing

  • Massage and physical exercises will also improve the state. If you have to sit for a long time move your feet and toes more often. Stand up and walk on the tiptoes for a while. In the evenings lie for 10 minutes with your legs up. Self-massage is also quite effective.
  • Jogging, running or swimming are also the good ways to get rid of swelling and fat in one and the same time.


  • Don't take the diuretic pills without the prescription from your doctor. That may ruin your kidneys.
  • Don't eat too much salty and sugary junk food.
  • Don't drink fizzy drinks.
  • Don't neglect physical exercise.



Water accumulation is a rather unpleasant but still not a dangerous syndrome. Nevertheless it is necessary to consult a doctor to make sure that you are not developing any serious diseases that can be accompanied by water thesaurismosis cases or simply swelling, for example the kidneys diseases, blood disorders or metabolism imbalance.

These simple measures will help you not only get rid of swelling but to keep fit as well.

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