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How to Lose Face Fat


A lot of women face such a situation when they notice that they have a little bit too plump face and their cheeks are way too voluminous. It is perfectly possible to hide extra fat under correctly chosen clothes but there is absolutely no way you can visually make your face slimmer. Of course you can try to apply make up tricks but we all know that either you need o attend special courses to do that so good that it looks natural or you are at risk to look like a clown with a thick layer of excessive make up.

There is a set of actions that you can do to get your face a slimmer shape, you only need to make sure you are making them on a regular basis.



When you start getting ripped and you are not only building muscular mass but burning fat, you are burning fat layer all over your body including your face. So when you go to the gym, make sure you dedicate 1 training a week to ripping your body and fat loss exercises (running, cycling, elliptical). Step classes and zumba are also great for calories burn. Try interval running, use bicycle to get to work. Put away popcorn while watching TV series and do push ups, squats and crunches. Don't be lazy, sport is fair (unlike the life) - you will have the result you were working for. If you didn't work - nothing would change.


  • Hold a clean pencil in your teeth and using your lips try to draw alphabet in the air using this pencil.
  • Strain your lips and pronounce vowels during 4 minutes.
  • Pull your head back, place your chin up front and try to cover your upper lip with the lower one.
  • Suck in and blow out your cheeks.

Healthy eating

Fruits and vegetables should now take 50% of your daily nutrition. Of course, it's better if they are fresh, if fresh fruits and vegetables are unavailable to you at a current moment then you can use frozen them boiled, grilled or steamed ones. Fruits and vegetables contain a lot of cellulose that boosts metabolism and tones skin. If you want the results to be obvious soon, make sure you eat fruits and vegetables 2-3 times a day.


First prepare decoction: take 1 tablespoon of camomile, milfoil, lime tree blossoms, sage (you can also use them separately from each other), soak a clean towel in this decoction, remove extra liquid. Hold the towel on both sides and flop its middle part against your forehead - 10 seconds between each flop. If you want to see the results - repeat it every morning.


Apply facial masks according to your skin type as regular as once a week. Exfoliate your skin daily and moisturize it - elastic skin can help you to keep your face shape toned.

Drink pure water

This is one of the most important rules of all the diets and healthy ways of living. Water is the most important products that helps us to remove all the leftovers of our body's processes. All the salts and and bad elements continue on accumulating in the cells of your body unless you drink less than 68 oz of pure water. Try to avoid coffee, sodas and substitute them with green tea and fresh juices.

Sleep position

Make sure you are sleeping on a tiny pillow and your cervical spine is not bended and it's straight.


Don't starve!

Don't ever turn to starvation as a method to lose weight! It is the most dangerous way to burn fat as you are bringing serious damage to your health and to your heart first of all.

Don't drink alcohol

Alcohol is the reason of why a face can become swollen. Alcohol dehydrates your body and skin as well.



Losing fat on face is possible, you only need to remember that this is a time and effort consuming process that requires you making exercises regularly. Be persistent and very soon you'll see the results.

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