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How to Look Older


How to look older? Seems like such a silly question. Who wants to look older? Women normally don't want to look older, they are eager to look younger. On the other hand, if a 21 year old woman looks like a teenager, then her desire to look older than she does is understandable. Let's face it: if a woman looks like a teenager, it is very difficult for her to get a good job with leading position; she can face the bad attitude of the surrounding people; she can attract the wrong men - ones who are younger than her, don't want the same things, have less life experience and are in a different place in their lives. If a man looks young he can face the same problems. But there are ways to look younger for both: a man and a woman.


How to look young for a woman.

The best way to look younger is to change your style, change your haircut or / and hairdo, manners and makeup.


If you have enough time and money, consult a stylist who will help you choose the right color for your hair. Most believe that dark hair makes you look older, so do updos. Try to avoid messy ponytails, opt for something more sleek, like sock bun updo or a low simple ponytail.


Makeup should look natural. Mascara should always be black. Use less tone cream, pick brown or gray eyeshadow. If you use red lipstick, don't apply too much makeup to your eyes, use just a little mascara. All in all, try to avoid bright accents like colorful eyeshadow or too girly pink lipstick.

Outfit and manners

Be elegant. Buy more blouses, classic trousers, dresses (not too short), and less jeans, t-shops and tank tops. Opt for classic and office style. Think of what Audrey Hepburn or Coco Chanel would wear. No hoodies or cute outfits for you anymore.

Shoes. Say hello to shoes on high heels, uggs, sneakers and flipflops are not acceptable for you anymore.

Glasses. Glasses can also add a more sophisticated and mature look to you so try to find glasses of classic style that would fit in your new style.

Attitude. Be serious; don't use colloquial words or junk words. Stay respectful and cold but in a good way, cold like serious and solitary. Avoid being too flirty or bubbly. Remember, you are serious adult woman so act like one. Be blunt, honest and mysterious.

How to look older for a man


You may want to grow a beard (not a goatie, please!), not a long beard, but just a smallest tiny bit. Although if you are up for a serious job, it is better to shave. If you have long hair, get a haircut, any man with long hair looks like a teenager or biker.


Outfit can be casual, but it must be tasteful. Get a couple of suits and ties, this is what every man should have. Get an inspiration, follow GQ Instagram and learn from their ideas. Barney Stinson is your personal stylist. No short, flipflops, messy hair or anything like that.


Be confident, and don't get shy or confused when asked questions. Mind your language. Don't be childish, stay respectful and sophisticated.



Don't use too much make up otherwise you may look like a little girl who took her mom's makeup kit without permission. Don't wear pearls if you are younger than 40 - that is a bad taste.


Don't wear too formal suits if you look much younger than you are. You can still wear jackets, but they should be just a little more casual.

Men and Women

Quit drinking and smoking. Sometimes it is associated with immaturity. Besides, if you don't have bad habits, it shows your power of will.



If you absolutely need to look older, these recommendations should help. Although you need to remember that you can't change overnight, it takes time. To be honest: appreciate your youth while you still have it, it fades quickly, and if you look younger than you are, it is a great gift.

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