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How to Look Like a Model


Every day we see a lot of commercials, magazines, gorgeous women with beautiful smooth skin and perfect shapes smile at us from the advertising banners every day. It seems like for an ordinary girl there are no chances to look pretty enough to fit into these standards. But it is not true. Every girl can look pretty, she just must want it bad enough. Basically looking like a model is being healthy, skinny and pretty. SO put away that burger or a chocolate bar you are now holding in your hands, take a carrot instead. Throw away remote from TV and go get yourself a gym membership. Substitute dark and heavy types of make up for a natural looking ones. Take off fake nails and lashes, rinse away fake tan - be natural! Remember, that the best make up is a sincere and nice smile. In addition to that, it's way more important what you have on the inside and who you truly are because all the pictures of models we see in magazine is for selling products but not for showing true beauty.



Facing the Reality

First of all, you need to realize that what you see in glamorous magazines isn't all true. All the pictures are properly edited. You do realize there are no skinny girls bid breasts and perfect skin; we all have our little shortcomings. Even the most beautiful models wear a lot of makeup, and their skin and shapes are edited in Photoshop or some other program. If you watched "America's next top model" then you know what I am talking about: they are just ordinary skinny girls, nothing more. And getting skinny is not impossible.


Calories Burning and Counting

To get skinny you don't have to starve yourself, if you keep to a rough diet, then there is a chance you will snap and gain even more weight, because your body feels the stress and is going to want to store more fat if it has to starve in the future. Here is what you need to know: your body doesn't need more than 1,500 - 2,000 calories a day. If you eat more, your system decides to send it to fat. You shouldn't consume more calories than you need. If you have trouble consuming only 1,500 calories a day, try eating other food: you can eat more fruit if the number of calories is small and if you choose to eat one piece of chocolate cake - it is 500 - 700 calories, then you can't eat more than 2 -3 pieces a day, of course you are going to be hungry. If you eat vegetables, you obviously can eat bigger amounts of food.Try to avoid situations where you have to eat, if you pass the store every day, you can try to change your rout. As you eat healthier your skin is going to become healthier. Take calcium for teeth, hair and nails.


High-intensity exercises

Anyway, consuming only 1,500 calories a day will help you to stay skinny, but to lose fat that you have at the moment, you are going to need to work out. If you work out it doesn't mean you can eat more than 1,500 calories a day. And just any exercises won't do, to lose weight you need to do high-intensity exercises: jumping, jogging, swimming, cardio exercises. Lunges, crunches and pushups won't do: they make your muscles stronger; this is how you get abs. But they don't make your fat go away, so your nice and strong muscles are going to be covered in fat anyway. High-intensity exercises are so helpful because after you do them, your body keeps burning fat for 1 - 2 days and you don't even have to do anything. 30 minutes workouts 3 -4 times a week is enough.


Do not give up

The main thing it: do not give up. If you snap and eat 3,000 calories instead of 1,500, do not give up the dies, continue it the next day.

Do not go to bed right after you eat

You stomach should be empty when you go to bed (or almost empty). If you feel too hungry and can't sleep: have a boiled egg or a piece of cheese.



Remember, "there is nothing impossible for a willing heart". In most of the cases, all the popular kids are not about looks but it's about the energy that comes out of them and how the performance. So if you feel inside of yourself that you're a superstar model, then everyone will also find that you're fabulous!

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