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How to Look Beautiful


There are some people who by a mistake think that if they are not born pretty or gorgeous-looking, there is no such a chance for them to be beautiful. They forget that beauty actually goes from inside of you, however there is still a set of certain rules and tips which will help you to improve you appearance. There is nothing that you need to struggle through to look beautiful, just use a little help to change your looks towards the better side.


Remember about personal hygiene

No matter how stunning looking the person is, neglecting the most basic rules of hygiene can easily destroy all the positive reaction on the looks. Dirty nails, greasy hair, armpit stains, bad breath, smell of sweat - these are the things that would 100% push away everyone from you. Show some respect towards your body, use shampoo and shower gel regularly, make sure you are not the source or unpleasant smells and you look clean, tidy and fresh.

Work out, eat healthy, drink pure water

Where there is a sound body there must be a sound mind. When you see a really overweight person, you won't probably be physically attracted to him or her as much as to a person who goes in for sports regularly. Exercising is the perfect way to get rid of excessive weight and add curves or desired shape to your body. You should also keep in mind that sport is one of the most important source of the hormone of happiness - endorphin. So the more you work out - the happier you both on the inside and on the outside.

The same thing is actually about healthy way of eating, good products that contain plenty of important ingredients and nutritives which make skin look fresh and glowing, hair shiny and strong and teeth bright and white. In addition to that, healthy food helps to prevent appearing of acne on skin, which is also quite important on any stages of a person's life.

Water is the most important liquid for a human's body, it helps to detox the body and consuming pure water is very important for the skin as it helps to prevent it from aging.

Keep face tidy and clean

Exfoliating face skin is extremely important along with moisturizing. These two steps are absolutely vital if talking about creating perfect acne-free and glowing skin. Exfoliate and moisturize your skin regularly basing on your skin type.

Eyebrows are the frames of your face and it is extremely important to keep them in the right order. If you have such an opportunity - visit a specialist to figure out which eyebrow shape would look better on your face and try to maintain this form yourself using tweezers and scissors.

Try to prevent acne by eating healthy and drinking a lot of water. If you already have acne on your skin try to find the reasons of them and start taking some actions to get rid of them.

Look like you are going to see your worst enemy today

We all have these days when you don't even want to wake up but this is absolutely not an excuse to look like a hobo. Kimora Lee Simons has a quite witty and truthful quote: "Always dress like you're going to see your worst enemy". Make sure your have nice hairdo and your hair is clean and brushed. Wear fitted and clean clothes without any stains or folds and nice-looking spotless shoes


  • If you have acne of your face don't try to use anything without consulting with a dermatologist.
  • Don't use exfoliation solutions and moisturizers that don't correspond to your skin type.
  • Don't think that 2 liters of liquid should include all the liquids such as sodas, coffee, alcohol -we are only speaking about pure still water here.
  • Don't apply too much makeup or perfumes - natural beauty is appreciated by 100% of people while the artificial one is only adored by few.
  • If you are a girl, don't be afraid to remove excessive facial hair.



Following these tips will most likely give you a better look on the outside but without self-confidence and faith for yourself they are nothing. Unless you feel beautiful and love yourself, there would be a few people who will think so. Smile and feel that you are beautiful - this is the only way to look beautiful both at your appearance and inner world.

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