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How to Listen to Trees Communicate


Do you remember Grandmother Willow from a famous Disney’s “Pocahontas” cartoon? This old tree was an ultimate source of wisdom, and kids were so excited about the idea of talking to trees. Unfortunately, they don’t sing in perfect English in real life, but you would be glad to know that they can share information with one another, and you can capture their conversation if you know how to channel the signals. Let us lead you through an amazing world of trees’ intercommunication.


  • First of all, go outside and find a tree to listen to. You are looking for a live tree, which means its living cycles were not broken by diseases or parasites. To make sure the tree is alive, take a stethoscope and put in to the trunk. If the tree is doing fine, you would be able to hear its “heartbeat” – a weird crackling sound. Basically, all the trees are connected with the “channels” of fungi, roots, and some microorganisms, and this mechanism can be treated as the “heartbeat”.
  • Basically, trees don’t exist individually in the forest. They communicate with each other via these “networks” and help each other survive by sending carbon and nitrogen through the roots and fungi. If you are using a sensitive stethoscope to listen to the trunk, the noises you hear are basically that information that trees send to each other. You can’t decode this noise and turn it into human words, but if you listen carefully to different tree trunks, you can notice that the “heartbeats” sound differently. With a little bit of effort, you can interpret these sounds, for example slow and peaceful beating means that the tree is doing great and doesn’t worry about any threats. If the sound is more intense, you know that the trees share some important information.


  • Don’t choose too young trees with thin trunks and underdeveloped crowns. These trees probably don’t have such a large network around them, and it can be very hard to hear it “talking”. Look for really big trees with thick trunks. They are called mother trees and have really large networks around them. These trees are the first ones to send the messages to the younger trees, so listening to them you know you get a first-hand information.
  • Don’t try to seek for some sense when you listen to the trees. They do communicate with each other, but they obviously don’t do it like humans. You can listen to trees for meditation’s sake, or just to explore something new, unusual, and exciting, but note that they won’t share the Universe’s wisdom with you.



Spirituality isn’t only developed by arts and enlightenment. It’s all around us, and all you need to do in order to discover the world’s wisdom is open your mind and your heart and try to listen to something that appeared to be mute for such a long time. Listening to trees communicate is a matter of a great scientific and spiritual interest, so use our simple advice to become a part of a huge natural network.

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