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How to Lift Weights


Weight lifting is not as simple as one may think, there are certain rules that must be followed in order to improve your health, and not ruin it. Weight lifting can be very dangerous if you neglect those rules. In fact, any sport can be dangerous if you are careless. In this article we share a few tips on how to lift weights: what you should or shouldn't do.




The most popular exercise for front of thigh is squats. It works for front of thigh (quadriceps), buttocks and other muscles. Position: feet as chest width, straight back, toes Ė pointed outward. Squat down so the bar is on your shoulder level, grab it and place over your trapezius muscle. If you are exercising at home, use a backpack loaded with some of your heavy stuff. To avoid hurting your knees, never fully unbend them when doing squats with weight. After you grab the bar, drive your torso down. Your buttocks have to be farther than heels (as if you were to sit down on an invisible chair). Thighs have to be parallel to the floor, but knees shouldnít go farther forward than toes.


Triceps and chest muscles

One of the best exercises for chest and triceps is push-ups. It also involves abs, leg muscles and back muscles. Since weight of your body isnít going to be enough, you have do push-ups wearing a loaded backpack. Make sure it sits tight and doesnít cause any inconvenience. If you donít have a backpack, try doing one-arm push-ups so there is enough pressure for your muscles. Itís important that you keep your body straight when doing push-ups with or without weight.


Biceps, back, forearms

If you have a chin-up bar at home, do pull-ups and chin-ups with a backpack. You are ready to use weight only when you can do 15 chin-ups straight. Pull-ups are done with your palms facing away, they work for your back and forearms while chin-ups imply a reverse-grip and train biceps. When you do chin-ups, your hands have to be shoulder-width apart, when you do pull-ups they have to be wider apart.



Crunches (lifting torso when lying down) work mostly for your upper abs, double crunch (lifting both: legs and torso) works for lower and upper abs; reversed crunches (lifting torso sideways) work both: for obliques and rectus muscles. All these exercises are pretty standard, all you need to do is add weight: fixate your feet so itís convenient for you to exercise and do crunches pressing weight to your chest: e.g. a weight disc.



As mentioned above, to strengthen your back you can do pull-ups. There are other exercises: lie down on your belly and lift arms and legs up as if you were trying to reach something. This exercise can be done with weight: holding a weight disc or a dumbbell in your hands + having a helper press on your legs as you lift them.


Trapezoid muscle

This exercise works only for the trapezoid muscle Ė shrugs. Stand upright. Hold dumbbells with your palms facing your body; bend your knees a little bit. Lift your shoulders holding dumbbells and slowly drive them back down. 10-15 reps is enough for a beginner.



For this exercise you can use stairs or a bench. Standing only on your toes, raise heels holding weight as you do so.


  • Do not bend your back when doing squats with weight Ė you may seriously injure your spine.
  • Don't try to lift more than you can handle, start small.
  • You should never ever skip warming up, if you don't have time to warm up, then you shouldn't lift anything at all.



You made the right choice when decided to start lifting weights. If you do everything right you will improve your shape and quality of life. Just be careful and exercise on daily basis. Be strict with yourself but avoid exhaustion, know your limits.

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