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How to Levitate


The focus with levitating is by all means one of the most spectacular tricks in the world of illusions. The people always wait for some wonder or magic. The viewers are ready to believe in the fact that the human being is capable of everything even of levitating above the ground. So what is the secret of this complicated trick? The secret of this trick is the optical tricks of the eye. The viewers will experience this optical illusion as they will watch the process at the angle of 45 degrees.

You need to wear the loose pants and stand on the tiptoe of one of your legs for some time. The pants should cover your foot meanwhile. Lift the second leg so that it would cover the other one from the viewers.



Perform the simple levitation trick

  • Before you actually start showing this trick to your viewers it is necessary to practice for some time in front of the mirror. It wold be better if you manage to get a video camera and shoot the whole process to see the possible mistakes and make your performance the perfect one.
  • Pay attention to the following nuances during performing this trick. It is dangerous to make this trick the first performance in the program. It is necessary to let the public get involved and get accustomed to the spirit of magic and wonders.
  • It is better not to warn the viewers about what they will see the next several seconds. Just announce that you wish to try something new and are not quite sure that you will succeed. Such mysterious phenomenon as levitating should happen as it is without any warning. Announce about the new trick and start slowly stepping backwards.
  • Turn the face slightly and begin slowly rising above the ground. You arms should go slowly down on the opposite.
  • The perfect number of the viewers for that trick is three or four. You should also take into consideration the following recommendation.
  • The trick should last for about 4 seconds. You should remain at the distance of 6 or 8 feet from the public and hold the foot which is in parallel with the floor in the air.

Perform the complex trick

  • Find the assistant and ask him to stand in some niche behind the stage. -Stand on his shoulders and place the large curtain behind yourself to hide you assistant. In the moment if levitating your assistant should slowly rise on his tiptoes and lift you together with him.
  • It is dangerous to perform this trick for the long time otherwise the viewers will guess that somebody is lifting you.

Real levitation

In the case you wish to master the Buddhist practice of levitation you will have to work really hard. That will be much more difficult than performing a trick. Anyway that requires a lot of effort and concentration. The Buddhist monks were reported to be seen flying not high above the ground. To achieve that state your body will need to have the same length of the energetic waves as the surrounding nature does. The Buddhist monks reached that state with the help of the long meditations and fasting. You may try to start these exercises with concentrating on your hand. Lay it on the table and imagine your hand has no physical weight. You will see that it will lift slowly above the table. Proceed with controlling the whole body.


  • Don't perform the trick with levitation for more than 4 seconds.
  • Don't stand with your face to the viewers.
  • Don't forget to use the curtains and the shade to hide the tiptoes.



Levitating is the spectacular trick. It is supposed however that the Buddhist monks still used the mirrors. Anyway the secret of real levitation still hasn't been revealed.

This issue keeps capturing the people's mind and that is why the levitation tricks are so loved by the public.

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