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How to Learn English


English is the most popular language in the world - it is the official language in such countries as the United States of America, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Jamaica and others. It seems like everyone in this world speaks English, but if you don't, there are ways to learn how to speak English without taking courses. Of course we are not saying that is so easy to do that, but when you try hard enough, you'll sooner or better achieve success. So be persistent don't give up, keep on practicing and improve your skills on regular basis!




First of all, you need to learn phonetics. Learn how to read diphthongs and combinations of consonants, how to pronounce words that came in English from other languages. Download an audio book and the same text book, so you can follow as you listen to a person reading it. This way your aural memory and visual memory work together. You don't have to understand what is written there, you have to remember how the words are supposed to be pronounced. After you finish listening to the first page, pause it and try reading it yourself. Then listen to it again to make sure you pronounced everything right. Then re-write or re-type this page so you can memorize the spelling. While you write the words, remember how they sound. Do this exercise every day.



The next step is translation of what you have written. Write all the unknown words again, look them up, and write down all their meanings. Don't forget to write transcription for the words if you can't memorize their pronunciation. Learn these words. Learn both: spelling and translation. When you check yourself, be strict and fair.



Next thing is grammar. Learn the rules and do exercises to memorize them. Don't learn more than a couple of grammar rules a week, and don't start learning a new rule unless you are absolutely sure you memorized and understood the previous one. When you do certain amount of various exercises to memorize the rule, try to find examples on the page you read before, or keep reading until you find a few examples in the text.


Videos in English

The hardest step is watching videos in English. Start with short ones: 10 minutes or so. Look for videos with subtitles - you may not recognize a known word in a flow of speech, but once you see how it is spelled you will always remember how it sounds in the flow of speech. Watching videos with subtitles is great for learning new words, you can pause a video anytime and look up an unknown word.



The last step is trying to speak. This part is tricky as you are going to need someone who is going to correct your mistakes: if you get used to speaking incorrectly, it is going to be very hard to fix. You can find a pen pal on Facebook and talk to him / her by means of Skype. But make sure this person's first language is English, because if it is not, no matter how good he / she knows English, he still can make mistakes from time to time. Remember: in every country there are different accents of English and even vocabulary differs a little.


  • When you learn new words and want to check your knowledge, don't check the words in order, make it random.
  • Don't speak English with people for whom it is the second language: no matter if you want it or not, you will start repeating their mistakes eventually. You can speak to them only when you are sure your English is good and stable.



English isn't just the most popular language in the world. Most movies are shot in English and most books are written in English and sometimes translation is not very good or even wrong. There is nothing like watching an original movie without translation!

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