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How to Learn Any Language


Bilingual skills can aid you tremendously in this multinational world, but unfortunately many people can't learn foreign languages due to the lack of time, motivation, or methodology. The good news is you can learn any language if you choose the right approach. However, you should remember that there's no way you can use a foreign language effortlessly, so get ready for a challenge. Check some tips for successful learning.


Get motivated

Strong motivation is exactly what helps people succeed. Why do you need to speak this language? Do you want to relocate and live in foreign country or just feel comfortable when you travel abroad? Do you want to communicate with people or read books? Stay motivated no matter what and think about it when you start having problems.

Check your level

If you used to study this language before, you want to start with defining your level. Take some online test to find out where to start.

Pick your books and materials

Today, you can find various online courses and video lessons alongside with tons of books. Good book makes 50% of your success, so feel free to ask for advice and buy several books to make up your mind on those that appear to be the best options.

Buy dictionaries

When you learn a new language, you can't get away with a pocket dictionary. You want to have different dictionaries on general vocabulary, phraseology, slang, etc. The more the better.

Mind the methodology

Your regular lesson should include tasks on grammar, vocabulary, listening, speaking, writing, and comprehension.

Watch movies with subs

It doesn't matter if you don't understand a single word they say. It would give you an idea of proper pronunciation, intonations, and the structure of the language.

Read books

Start with short and simple stories and proceed with novels. Nothing works better than good old reading.


Nothing can substitute live communication no matter how hard you try to learn a language from books. If you don't have a native-speaking friend to talk to, use websites like http://www.busuu.com/.

Learn new words in word combinations

Patterns are easier to memorize.


Don't set unachievable goals

You can't speak foreign language without a hint of accent and know the entire vocabulary. Perfection takes time.

Don't learn foreign languages without some tuition

Having a mentor will help you stay motivated and controlled, and also prevent you from making mistakes.

Don't use just 1 book to learn a new language

Make sure you have at least 5-6 books. The point is each author has his/her own approach to teaching and uses different techniques. Thus, if you can't understand some rule, just check the explanation in another book.

Be careful with translations

Never translate sentences word by word because each language has its own specific structure.

Don't give up!

Learning a language usually comes in 3 stages: at the 1st stage everything seems easy and you are excited and enthusiastic; at the second stage things start becoming difficult and you feel that you are dumb and know nothing; and the last stage is when you have the basis and keep learning new things - basically, that's the point that you can call the first success.



Learning a new language is a challenge, but you can succeed if you use the right methodology and literature and stay motivated and persistent. Feel free to register on some related forums to ask other people for help when you have a hard time understanding something.

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