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How to Layer your Own Hair


Hair is a treasure of every woman. Not only does beautiful hair look charming, it shows a woman is healthy and takes care of herself. All women dream of a perfect haircut and most believe you can't cut your own hair to get it. It is wrong. Cutting your own hair is easy, you just need to take your time and make sure you don't cut it too short.


You'll need:

  • comb;
  • hairbrush (optional);
  • hair drier;
  • hair gel / hair mousse;
  • hair sitting pray;
  • hair clips;
  • scissors;
  • two mirrors.




Wash your hair. Use a hair conditioner or a hair mask to make your hair manageable. Dry your wet hair with a towel so it absorbs water. Your hair should be moist, not wet. If your hair is straight, naturally sleek and soft, you can brush it and wait till it is completely dry / blow dry it, and start cutting.


Start cutting your hair

Brush your hair and comb it afterwards, so it's perfectly smooth. Place a comb on the top of your head, and slide it down the back of your head. Separate this section of your hair (0,5 inch wide) from the rest of it. Lift the section up and cut it at the 45 degree angle (so the closest hairs to the top of your head are shorter). Pin the cut section so it doesn't stand in the way. Take the next section of your hair and cut it the same way, but make it a little bit shorter - this is layering. Compare the length of the first section to that of the second one and see if it looks ok. Use two mirrors to see the reflection of the back of your head.



Repeat the procedure with the rest of your hair. Wet your hair a little (if it's dry), apply some hair mousse or hair gel. Shape your hair the way you want it and fixate your hairdo with a hair sitting spray.


Don't cut it too short

If it's your first time cutting your hair, don't cut it too short. If you want to preserve the length of your hair, you have to leave the lowest part of your hair untouched. When you separate a section of your hair from the rest of it and lift it up, make sure you cut it right: hair is soft, which means its tips are going to bend as you move scissors through it, which is why you need to keep it straight.

Don't forget about preparations

Don't cut your hair before you wash it. Don't forget to cut your hair a little bit (1/5 inch) every couple of months if you want it to grow fast, be healthy and shiny. It will also help to avoid split ends.



A nice haircut can make any woman look more charming and beautiful. There are different kinds of layered haircuts, we described one of them. If you are a newbie in hair cuts, you should train on dolls or mannequins for hairdressers first to make sure you don't mess up your look with a bad haircut.

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