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How to Keep Dingoes Away from your Campsite


Dingo is a free-roaming dog, a kind of a gray wolf. They are of a light brown color (almost beige), the size of an average dog. Dingoes are usually harmless, and not at all scary. But they still can be a threat to children; if dingoes are in pack, they can attack adults, too. If you want dingo to stay away, you shouldnít scare, angry, pet or feed it. Some people attract dingoes through no fault of their own, and in this article we are going to give you a few tips on how to keep these dogs away from your camp. To learn more, read our instructions below.



Get a plenty of quality containers for food and bait. Get a tent that closes tight and trash bins for disposal. Do your homework: research area before camping Ė it is important, as you want to know what awaits you. Make sure you take all you need, make a list in advance.

Food and fish bait

You have to keep all the stuff that smells in tightly closed containers. Smell of food or fish bait (if you are going fishing) can attract dingoes. You have to keep it all away, preferably in a car. If you leave food in a tent, dingoes can smell it (their sense of smell is heightened).

Keep them away

If you see dingoes, you and your family have to stick together, do not let children out of your sight. Feel free to make a fire (but make sure it is not forbidden first), make some noise but not too much - keep talking to your family or friends in calm voice Ė dingoes will hear you and they will stay away.


Donít feed them

A dingo roaming solo is not dangerous, it can look cute, but you donít want to feed it, you donít want it to come back, and you donít want it to bring its pack to your camp either. No need to be cruel and harm this dog, if it comes too close, just do something to get it away, it has to think there is nothing for him.

Donít piss them off

Donít poke dingoes with a stick, donít yell at them and avoid getting them angry. You donít want an angry dingo around. If you see this dog, ignore it, let it go its own way. Also don't look them directly in the eyes - this will make them attack you for sure as it is an aggressive gesture to them.

Donít leave stuff out

Donít leave anything out. All your stuff should be in your tent or in your car. Dingoes are curious and they may carry away your shoes or other objects you leave out. If you donít want to lose your things, donít leave them unattended.



Dingoes are not scary, you just have to know a few tricks to keep them away. It is easy, and there is no need to panic if you see a dingo. Follow our simple instructions and these wild dogs will not bother you. But be careful, they may look cute, but they are still wild.

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