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How to Install a Ceiling Fan


Ceiling fan is an awesome substitute for expensive air conditioners. First of all, their initial price is times lower than the price of air conditioner; secondly, they help saving on your electricity bills; and finally, they will serve you for years to come (unlike air conditioners that usually get out of order in several years). All in all, the advantages of having a ceiling fan at your house can scarcely be overestimated.

The good thing is a ceiling fan is not only useful in hot summer days. You can switch it on during the winter time to help circulate heated air to keep the room warm.

Installing a regular ceiling fan at your room is quite easy. Of course, you can apply to professionals and ask them to install it, but if you are a natural born Mr. Fix It, or just curious, or feel the urge to challenge your electrician skills, you would be glad to check the following guidelines and learn how to install a fan by yourself.

First of all, check the wiring. In vast majority of cases you don't have to run new wiring because the fans connect to the old one, no problem.


So, here's your tool kit for this task:

Ceiling fan kit;

Metal electric ceiling box (and expandable bracket, if needed);

Some wire strippers and connectors;

Circuit tester;

Electrical tape;

Screw driver;


Drill with driver and bit;




Choose the Size

Speaking about the very first point, you should remember that not every fan will suit your room. You should choose the size of the fan depending on the size of the room.


Read Manual

Needless to say, the first thing you should do before installing a fan is reading the manual through and through. It's very important because not all fans are created equal and your particular one may need some specific manipulations.


Turn Off Power

Prior to the installation, turn the light off and turn off the power at the main breaker box. Use circuit tester to check if the wires are still hot. As soon as you are 100% sure the electricity is off, remove the fixture.


Change Electric Ceiling Boxes

You are supposed to change the electric boxes because ceiling fans are too heavy for the old ones. Use should use a special metal electric ceiling box designed for ceiling fans. Besides, if your box isn't securely fastened, you may need a special expandable bracket. Screw the bracket to the ceiling.


Assemble the Fan

Now, it's time to assemble the fan. Make sure you follow the manufacturer's instructions while doing this! It's better to do it on the floor or another flat surface, so that you could have enough space for all the details and don't lose the small ones.


Install the Fan

As soon as the fan is assembled, lift it to the mountain bracket. Connect the white neutral and green ground wires to the same color wires in the ceiling box. If your fan has a light, attach both remaining wires to the remaining wires in the box. Then, secure the wire connectors with the electrical tape. Set the canopy and secure it with the screws. Then, use the rest of the included screws for the kit to fix the blades. After that, install the light. This is the last step, so you can turn the power back on and check if everything works properly.


  • Don't buy a kit without measuring your room! Thus, if the longest wall in your room is 12 feet or less, you should opt for 36 inch diameter fan. If your room is bigger than 12 feet, use 42-48 inch diameter ceiling fan. And finally, if your room is larger than 15 feet, use a 52 inch diameter fan.
  • Don't install the fan if the power isn't off!
  • If you are afraid of working with electricity, call a licensed electrician!
  • Don't assemble the parts while on the ladder!
  • Don't work alone! Be very careful when installing the fan! It's pretty heavy, so you may use some help.



Basically, using a ceiling fan can save you up to 40% of your utility bill and, as you can see from the above, the installation is much easier than you might think. In addition to that, when you do something yourself, you can be absolutely sure that everything is made in the most appropriate and quality way.

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