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How to Increase Download Speed


Most of us download stuff from the Internet, it can be anything: a song, a movie, an ebook, a picture or any other image and etc. Low download speed can be very frustrating, and if you are facing this problem then you are probably trying to download a movie or a video, as large files take longer to download. There are ways to increase your download speed, and we list some of them below. Hopefully, you will find them useful.



Check your Internet speed

Close all the windows and programs that may be running. Go to this site and perform a speed test: click Play and wait for it to load. Then press Begin Test and wait a moment. In the end it will display your Internet speed, e.g.:

Download speed 10.76 Mbps Ė Upload speed 2.31 Mbps

Call your provider to learn whether or not your Internet speed agrees with your tariff.


Update your client

No matter what program you use to download movies: uTorrent or not P2P based download manager, update it every time it says there are updates available. The newer the program, the faster and better it is supposed to work.



Restart your PC and your wireless router. Unplug both: router and modem and plug them in in at least 15 seconds. First plug in your modem, after it loads plug in the router. Turn on your PC ad try to download a movie.


Stop processes

Stop all the other running processes except for the program you use to download files, including Skype and your Antivirus (only if you are sure the source you are using is trust-worthy). Turn on your antivirus right after the download is over.


Set your priorities

Donít watch videos or listen to music online while trying to download something: if you want download to be over as soon as possible, nothing else should be loading. Stop all the other downloads; for uTorrent: right-click on the torrent you want to stop and choose Stop from the drop-down list. To start it again choose Start from that list. Stop all the other downloads and if you give something out, stop it too. Right-click on the one that you want to download faster and select Speed Priority Ė High.


Choose a quality resource

Very often download speed depends on the site that you are using Ė their server. In which case there is nothing you can do except wait or find some other resource that works better and lets you download files faster.


  • Donít take it out on your computer: if you shake or kick it it will not increase your download speed.



If you are having this sort of problems, there can be a plenty of reasons for that: your computer isnít powerful enough, your Internet tariff is too bad to afford you more, your hard drive is overloaded and etc. Try to deal with those issues if none of the tips listed above help you increase your download speed.

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