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How to Improve Communication Skills


Communication and interacting with people is an extremely important and vital thing. It is extremely important to make first impression on people which is why it is highly vital to be a good listener and an interesting interlocutor. Some people have a natural talent to attract attention to them in a good way and are dragging other to them while some introverts are not that confident while talking to people, especially new people.

Such a situation when you are not naturally a social person is absolutely normal and there is nothing to be worried about. However there are some simple tips and technique that can help you to improve your communication skills if for some reason you are not quite satisfied with them.


Listen more, talk less

It is a normal thing for any other person to adore speaking about him or herself. Allow a person tell you something he or she would like to. It doesn't mean that you have to keep silence and all the time listen, tell something about yourself if you have somewhat to add according t your current conversation's topic.

Ask questions

Asking appropriate questions first of all will help to keep the conversation going and it will also show that you were listening carefully to what a person was telling to you.

Don't be distracted

If you don't feel like talking to a person it is always better to wait until the pause and excuse yourself to leave than show that you don't actually care about your interlocutor.

Never interrupt

First of all you are showing disrespect towards a speaking person plus you are showing that you are not mannered yourself. If you can't wait to add comments or to share your story, wait for the closest pause in a conversation.

Don't argue

Even if you are 100% aware that you are right and your opponent is wrong, you will look better if you don't initiate the argument or the fight. Politely provide your knowledge if you can't leave leave topic without comments.

Be precise

Don't make hint or don't add the names of the people, whom your interlocutor might not know.

Make complements if you only means so

Fake complements are obvious and pretty ugly when you see such a thing from the side. So make complements to people only in these cases when you believe in what you are saying.

Be honest

Don't lie to people or try to make up stories about yourself just to look cooler. The lies have such a tendency to come out sooner or later. It is always better to be yourself and attract people who like you the way you are or all the time pretend that you are somebody else.


  • Don't be mean or arrogant.
  • Don't make faces if you disagree with something or don't like some moments of conversation.
  • Don't use impolite, rude, offensive or banned words.
  • Don't show that you are smarter/wiser/better educated/richer etc.



Improving communicating skills is very important, as we have said. It will help you to succeed in both personal and professional life for sure. You don't need to put too much of efforts, just a little work required and you will soon become a pleasant interlocutor!

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