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How to Impress a Girl


Ages ago, it was enough to mention your noble lineage or your military honors to make a young lady melt with excitement. These days it's not that easy. Modern girls have seen everything and have very high demands, and you need to do something really outstanding to impress them. While saving kids and kittens from fire and juggling with torches are probably not your options, there are still a lot of ways to make a girl stare at you in amazement. The good thing is you don't have to be dirty rich or have any specific skills to succeed when you want to make something going with a woman. Check the advice below.


  • In passing, insert some catchy phrases in your speech to let her know you are not as simple as you seem: "When I was studying science in Harvard University…", "My family's assets was never that big…since my grand-grand-grandfather George Washington was a president of the United States", "That scar? Oh yeah, you see, I was climbing Everest when that avalanche…". Just try to use real facts.
  • Buy the CDs of Rammstein, Mozart, Gnarlz Barkley, and old black-and-white movies soundtracks and put them all in your car. If she asks you what all these CDs are doing in your car, tell her that's your favorite music.
  • When you go to the party, put some tiny furry pink Teddy bear into your pocket. If something goes wrong, put it out and tell her that this furry dude is so sorry… Girls can't resist tiny furry pink things.
  • Paint her portrait. Girls love that. A lot. Actually, they love everything that flatters their outlooks. In case the most sophisticated thing you can paint is a rainbow, grab your camera and ask her to make a quick photo shoot. Just make sure you choose the right angle of shooting and proper lighting. She would hate you if you send her a bulk of ugly photos.
  • Be creative when you choose the place for a date. They hung out in restaurants, cinemas and malls a hundred times, but they have probably never been in the museum of paleontology, pig show, or metallurgic department on the factory. Don't overdo though, if the girl to impress is fighting for animals rights, taking her to horse runs of to a zoo is not the best option.
  • Manifest her craziest dream. A pink pony is pretty hard to find in Walmart, but that's what you should do if you really want to create an impression.
  • Be masculine. That's the easiest way to impress a girl, especially considering all those androgynous hipster guys around.


Don't be pushy or annoying

The girls need some time to think about her decision without your doing crazy stuff to impress her.

Don't do anything that makes you look needy

Girls like confident guys and alpha males.

Don't do something too extreme on the first date

All girls are different, and what impresses one girl can shock another one. Leave your extreme experiments for the 2nd date when you got the idea of what type of girl she is.



Apparently, luxurious car, impressive banking account and 6 pack abs are not enough to impress a girl. Of course, you can buy her favor with expensive gifts, but that won't work for a long time. Sooner or later, she would get bored of all these tricks if you are not interesting enough for her. Feel free to use our advice to avoid bitter ends.

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