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How to Help Someone with Depression


Depression is gradually turning into a plague of 21st century. Almost everyone has to face with it from time to time, but people usually don't take it seriously and oftentimes confuse the symptoms of depression with bad mood or one-time-only melancholy attack. However, it's a serious disease that can metamorphose into chronic problem without urgent treatment. Medications and visits to psychiatrist once a week sometimes turn out to be inefficient, and it's your love and sympathy that can relief the symptoms and help a person recover.


Depression is the state of mind when a person feels desperate and hopeless. Try to juice your friend up, encourage him and try to give him some hope for the future.


Be sincere

You don't have to come over and suggest any sort of ultimate solutions for his problems. Sometimes, all he needs is someone to talk to. Listen to his or her problems, ask questions, and show this person that you do care. Sometimes, silent compassion is way better than hundreds of "useful" advices. Just be there when this person needs you.


Be around

Any depressed person needs help, but sometimes they masochistically enjoy their being so pitiful and neglected and don't ask for help. Be attentive to their needs and help whenever you think your help is needed.


Find professional help

Usually, depressed people don't want to visit doctors. They think that going to psychiatrist means admitting that they have problems. Talk to them and softly explain that this is nothing to be ashamed of. Find a good doctor in your neighborhood and help your friend make an appointment.


Help with chores

Depressed people usually feel weak and pathetic. Try to liberate him from minor obnoxious duties: do the chores, buy groceries, cook food, and try to make his life a bit easier.


Keep them busy

Entertain him/her as soon as you feel he/she is ready. Don't throw wild parties or organize too eccentric events. Just make them feel more comfortable about their lives. Remind them of a hobby they used to enjoy. All in all, keep them busy to avoid depressive thoughts.


  • Don't understate the problems, never try to convince a person that his problems are not so serious to worry about. That's not going to work. In fact, it can make the situation way worse because the patient starts thinking that no one understands him. It immerses him into a deeper depression and makes him feel extremely lonely and neglected.
  • Don't leave your depressed friend alone for a long time. You should sacrifice some of your personal free time in order to devote it to someone who needs you desperately.
  • Don't try to cheer a depressed person up by telling him about your happy holidays/successful deals/come up/relationships, etc. The world is painted black for this person right now, and the fact that he's the only one who feels this way upsets him even more.



Helping your loved ones cope with depression is absolutely crucial. Besides, one depressed person can make everyone around depressed, so do your best and use these tips to get rid of depression. They need you now more then ever.

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