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How to Have Lucid Dreams


Lucid dreams are kind of dreams that you are able to control while you are sleeping. If you think that having control over dreams is impossible and dreams are expressions of our subconsciousness, you are actually wrong. There is one thing that is called lucid dreaming which allows you to control the actions and events of your dreams. It sure take some practice and it's not easy to learn to proceed this practice. You'll be able to travel, to meet your passed away relatives, to fly or see picturesque sceneries from your favorite fantasy book. Anything that you want will be possible in your dream and you will be in charge of all the events there. Just think about it, all the nightmares and bad dreams will be completely gone and you'll be only enjoying your dreams to the fullest.




The first thing that you have to do is to get yourself a diary and keep track of your dreams. If you wake up in the middle of the night - right down what you saw immediately. Don't neglect this task, if in the beginning you won't remember much, after a couple of weeks you'll see the results clearly, you will be able to remember more and more things with brighter details.


Falling asleep

The ideal comeout here is to learn to remain conscious while you are falling asleep. Relax before you go to sleep, watch your breath carefully so it's stable. Imagine an object, for example a flying bird. You don't have to make the picture a colorful one, you just need to realize that you see a flying bird at this moment. Th signs that you are falling asleep is that this flying bird is temporarily falling out from your sign. Your task to is to hold this condition of almost falling asleep for as long as possible.


Getting inside of a lucid dream

Either you can wake up earlier than before, for 5 to 7 minutes get up, walk around the room and do something. Then go t sleep while expecting to get inside of the lucid dream.

Another technique is that you focus for example on your hands before you fall asleep or any other subject you choose. You need to form inside a desire to see your hands in your dream. So when you are sleeping and you see your hands - you'll finally understand that you are in your dream.


Am I dreaming right now?

During your day, ask yourself a question - An I dreaming right now? As a rule, when we are sleeping, we usually do those things that we do when we are awake, so if during a day you ask yourself Am I dreaming then when you will be sleeping, you'll set yourself this question too.


Find proofs that this is a dream

Try to levitate - if you succeeded, that means you are dreaming. Or stare at certain objects - if their appearance start changing, that also means it's a dream. Or look around, if you notice something unusual that also will be a proof that you are in a dream.


Don't give up with a diary or with any other practices - lucid dreaming is a long process of making your mind control your subconsciousness. Without trainings on regular basis you won't get any results.



Lucid dreaming is a technique that can help you to relax your mind totally. You can do anything you want and you'll also avoid all the nightmares and other unpleasant dreams or their characters. If you decided you want to practice this technique, that means first of all you have a need to control your dreams for some reason. Don't give up half way and do your best to practice in lucid dreaming.

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