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How to Have Fun on a Church Mission Trip for Middle High School



Joining your group in its mission trip can be an exciting experience that you will remember for years to come. Oftentimes, such trips help young people come closer to God, realize their mission in this world, and share their love with those who need it badly. However, many boys and girls find this experience boring due to a number of factors, such as poor preparation, pressure from the older members of society, or poor understanding of the goals. If sharing the Gospel and helping people are not exciting enough for you, check these tips for having a great time while on a mission trip.

Make sure you have a company

Although everyone inside the mission are friendly to each other, itís important to travel with someone you get along better than with the others. Having a fellow, youíll have some support, and itís very important to enjoy the trip. Besides, youíll have someone to share your feelings and emotions, which is also very important.

Work hard

Itís hard for some people to understand that giving your best to others is the best type of activity, and peopleís smiles are the best rewards. Give your best to the community and youíll see that itís totally worth your efforts.


Talk to people while doing your routines. You can talk to the other members of your community or people you are helping. You donít have to talk about God all the time. It can be a nice and interesting conversation about anything you want. Feel free to crack jokes, tell stories, or just chit-chat about anything you want. Nothing connects people like community service.

Pack some necessary stuff

You wonít be busy with activities 24/7 during your mission trip. From time to time, youíll have free time, so pack something that helps you kill time and relax. Take some books or your iPod (ask your leader if you are allowed to bring it) to entertain yourself.

Donít be lazy

Even if you are asked to clean someoneís room, paint a wall, or fix something on the backyard, remember that itís not like your regular household routines. This time, itís filled with meaning. Understand that by giving something without asking anything back, you come closer to our Lord by following his commandments. You are doing a noble thing, so donít treat it as some dull necessity.

Donít argue with the leaders

This trip is not a vacation, so donít expect that someone will organize any entertainments for you. If they ask you to go and do something you donít feel like doing, remember what this trip is all about.

Avoid conflicts

As a member of a mission, you know that conflicts are an integral part of life. Learn to avoid them and solve problems if they were unavoidable. You donít want to prove yourself right and everyone wrong, quarrel, or fight. What you want to do is look for a compromise and keep the atmosphere friendly.



Being a participant of a missionary trip is a noble thing to do and it brings you closer to God. If you decided to join the group, make sure you develop a positive attitude and treat it like a great opportunity to help people and praise the Lord instead of treating it like a boring routine. Hopefully, these tips will help you succeed with that.

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