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How to Grow Tomatoes


Tomatoes are one of the most widely-spread fruit in the world. Although a lot of people think that these plants are vegetables, technically they are fruits. They are used widely in many cuisines of the world, they are consumed raw, baked, crushed, and I other possible ways. They are rich in such elements as vitamin A, C, E and potassium. However, we all know that today it is a pretty common for manufacturers to spray chemical on the plants so in case you want to eat only fresh and chemicals-free tomatoes there is always and option to grow them yourself.


To grow tomatoes yourself, you need to first have small tomato plants. You can either buy them at a store or grow yourself from the seeds.

Growing tomato plants from seeds:

  • Start preparing the seedlings in approximately February or in March, what concerns tomatoes, its takes up to eight weeks for the seeds to grow enough to be planted out;
  • Put the seeds into small cans filled with special soil mix - humus, sand and soil;
  • Make sure the seedlings have enough light - keep them next to windows. The perfect conditions for the seedlings is up to 16 hours of bright light a day;
  • Keep the seeds at the temperature around 22 degrees Celsius and the seedlings - about 18 degrees Celsius;
  • Make sure the soil is constantly wet and spray water on seedlings using vaporizers;
  • As soon as your tomato seedlings start growing the second pair of leaves - start fertilizing the soil.

Planting the tomato seedlings out:

  • Starting from the autumn, prepare the soil for the tomatoes from crashed eggshells, ashes and compost. Tomatoes grow positively in a soil rich in nitrogen and potassium;
  • As soon as you plant the seedlings out, next to the each plant install supporting props;
  • When you plant the seedlings into the soil, don't be afraid to put them until the level of the lowest leaves - this will help your future tomatoes to have strong roots.

How to prevent diseases of tomatoes:

  • Use the seed that are stable to disease;
  • If it is possible - grow tomatoes in glass houses;
  • Plant tomatoes in soil that is rich in minerals;
  • If you find infected plants - remove them fast in order not to let the infection live and spread.

Watering tomatoes:

Water tomatoes voluminously but not that often and target the water directly to the root of a plant.

Fertilizing tomatoes:

After you plant out the seedlings and before the plants start blossoming, they need to be fertilized regularly. Use organic fertilizers that include calcium.


  • Don't plant tomatoes next to potatoes.
  • Don't plant tomatoes too soon or too early.
  • Don't let the water on the leaves and on the stem of tomatoes.
  • Don't close glass houses if the weather is too hot - for a proper fruit ripening, tomatoes need fresh air.



These tips are just general advices on majority of tomato plants. Some tomato types require special treatment, always check for your tomato type requirements before starting growing tomatoes.

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