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How to Grow Facial Hair


The first attempt to grow the facial hair is ended in fail and that is typical of many men. The matter is that they lack some experience. There are less good examples of the neat facial hair that can be met in the streets. From this article you will get the basic knowledge that will help you to choose the suitable shape of your facial hair and start grooming it carefully.


What is the structure of your facial hair?

Mustaches and beards are divided into the two categories mainly depending on the hair structure. The facial hair may grow attached to the skin or hang and protrude freely. The small hairs are attached to the facial skin when they are relatively short. It is better to start with this variant. In this situation you will have to make your facial shorter from time to time. You may use the special scissors for grooming your facial hair. Trying this variant you may easily carry out some experiments with the shape of the mustache or beard.

Get the defined shape

It will be necessary to shave only the shape which is made by the hairs located closer to the skin surface. The long mustache are more difficult to be groomed by the beginner. In the more complicated designs that hair on the various part has the various length. Besides that you will need to appreciate your appearance adequately and see what suits you and which designs are not the right ones for you face. It is also important to analyze the reaction of other people. You are lucky if they react exactly you want them to. In the mustache like in no their facial hair else every single cut or long hair will change the whole image. But that is why you have a lot of opportunities to express yourself.

Get more information

It is necessary to use your own experience and the experience of the other people if you want to grow the neat facial hair. Browse the Internet sites to search for the photos of the men with many various types of mustache and beard. They will inspire you for some new ideas. You have the endless number of variants. Having cut or shaved some hair you will get the 100 % totally different result.

Simple means elegant

The simple shape doesn't mean that it can't look interesting, elegant and smart. You may also choose the simplest design after having tried all the fancy and complicated ones.

Maintain the right shape since the beginning

In the beginning the facial hair have the small length and here the beginners make their first mistake. They allow the hair grow further. As a result they get some wrong shapes that are shaved in a week in the most cases. It is recommended to grow the long beard and try the complicated designs is sensible when you have the enough experience in grooming your facial hair and understanding its structure.


How to grow mustache? Basically the mustache grows by itself and all you have to do is to cut the shape from time to time to look groomed. The hair on the faces of different men grow differently. That depends upon the race type. For example the Vietnamese have the small goatee beard, American Indians have almost no beards and the Turkish people may grow beards that nearly cover their cheeks fully. The average men of Europe and Asia grow normal beards if they are healthy.


  • Don't use the blunt shaving razor. That may cause irritation and ingrown hairs.
  • Don't try to make the necessary form on your own. It is better to go to the barber's and later support this form of facial hair during the month.
  • Don't try to shave the hair that is too long. Cut it with the scissors at first.



The ones who grow the thin hair should accept this as the peculiarity of their body. In that case you may try goatee or some thin mustache. Small bold patches won't look nice. So even if your desire to have facial hair is really intense, you need to be true to yourself and estimate what kind of facial hair you are actually growing.

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