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How to Grow Cilantro


Cilantro (aka coriander) is a popular plant these days and many housewives and cooks love having a bunch of it in their kitchens. People use it for salsa and dipping sauces, and also add it to salads for extra flavor. This is a great option because it has nice and gentle taste and flavor that compliments many dishes but doesn't kill the flavor of the meal. It doesn't require any special conditions and care, so it's nice to plant some cilantro in your garden or in a small jar at home.


You can buy cilantro in the store, but it's much more interesting and exciting to plant and grow the herbs yourself.

  • Get yourself a pack of seeds
  • Cilantro seeds are basically 2 seeds in a husk. Before you dig them in the ground, you should break the husk and soak the seeds in water for 2 days.
  • Remove from water and let the seeds dry. This is a good thing to do to increase the chances for fast and healthy grow.
  • You can plant the seeds at home first to have more control and protect them from wind, rain and raccoons, but it's better to re-locate the herbs outdoors in the future.
  • So, get your jar and fill it with the soil and put the seeds in the jar.
  • Cover them with ¼" layer of soil and spray some water on top.
  • Let them grow until 2 inches tall. You want them to be 3 inches apart to give the roots enough space and sun. If there are too many stalks, remove some of them.
  • When you relocate the plants to your garden, dig the holes in the soil 3-4" apart from each other, place the stalks in the holes and put some soil on top. Again, spray with some water and let them grow.
  • If you grow it at home and can't ensure good lighting, feel free to use artificial light as an alternative.
  • Cilantro needs water on a regular basis. Don't forget to water the herbs with clean water when necessary.
  • This plant doesn't like too cold weather, so if you have to keep it in a cold place, you should create some sort of cold protection.


  • Don't plant cilantro in the place that receives a lot of sun. This herb doesn't grow well in the hot weather and requires partial shade.
  • Don't forget to plant new seeds every 2 months to have a steady harvest. This plant grows with just a little bit of maintenance, but unfortunately it doesn't last long.
  • Don't use old leaves for cooking. Their flavor is way too harsh.
  • Don't let the soil dry. The plant will die if the soil isn't watered properly. Read the instruction for your particular type of seeds.
  • Don't store the seeds in direct sun. Opt for shade. It's a good idea to store them in tiny cotton bags.



Using nice and fresh home grown herbs for cooking is really awesome and you don't have to spend the whole day in the garden to have a constant supply of fresh plants. Cilantro is a good addition to your meals and it also rich in Vitamins C and B. Just follow the guidelines and you'll grow the most adorable cilantro in the neighborhood.

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