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How to Grind for Guys


When you come to the club, you usually see a bunch of pretty girls and cannot but use this opportunity to have some fun. All you need to show yourself at your best is know how to grind. Thatís the basic way to dance in the club, and any guy should be proficient in it when he goes out.

Although grinding looks pretty simple at first sight, it actually has a lot of nuances. You need to know them in order to get her phone number by the end of the night instead of getting a kick in the teeth for being too insolent and pushy. This article will teach you how to grind right.


Choose the song

Obviously, not each and every song is good for grinding. Wait until the DJ plays something appropriate, such as hip hop, RíNíB, or some Latino song.


Find the partner

Not all the girls will appreciate your grinding on them. Some of them are too shy, others dance on their own or obviously prefer another style of dancing. Avoid the girls who donít look enthusiastic about grinding. You are looking for a girl whose moves are sexy and sensual.


Stand behind the partner

Mind the distance! If you donít know this girl, make sure you donít press your body too close to her. Put your hands on her waist or a little bit below the waistline. Make sure you donít dig your fingers into her butt right off the bat. You donít want to look like a perverted teenager.


Move your hips

You want to slightly bend your knees and move your hips in the same circular motion. Follow the girlís movements and try to adjust to them as you move your waist and hips. Note that you donít have to move your entire body Ė when you move your hips, the rest of the body moves along.


Lean to the side

You donít have to stand behind her all the time. Feel free to lean to the side a little bit so that your torsos move in the opposite directions while your hips are still at the same level and move simultaneously in the circular motion.


Mind the beat

Although her body moving slowly in front of you make it hard to concentrate on anything else, remember that listening to the music and following the beat is absolutely crucial when grinding. You donít want to be too speedy when the music is slow Ė itís looks really awkward.

Donít go beyond the borders

If you donít know that girl, donít get too close. This is an intimate dance, so you want to start slow. This is actually one of the commonest mistakes guys make on the dancefloor Ė they just start pressing their bodies too close to the girlís hips and imitatingÖ you know what. Watch her reaction to your moves, and if you feel that she doesnít mind you two getting a bit more intimate, go ahead and move a little closer.

Don't grind at school parties

Your teachers won't be happy to see it.



Nothing can be more embarrassing than being a grinding loser. If you falter on the tune, miss the beat, and shake your butt as if you are retarded or something, you have zero chances to get your partner like you. Use this tutorial to get an idea of what grinding is all about, practice at home, and donít be shy on the dancefloor.

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