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How to Grill Steak


What can be better than a good old piece of grilled meat? But without some guidance, grilling a steak can be challenging like navigating the dark forest without a flashlight. There are some rules you need to take into account in order not to destroy one of the best types of meals in the world.

Luckily, you should just follow several rules to cook a perfect steak in your own kitchen. Let's skip the long introductions and go straight to the process.



Chose a cut

There are 5 main types of steak cuts: filet, ribeye, strip, t-bone and sirloin. Basically, it's up to your personal taste. Thus, if you love tender meat, you'd better opt for filet. Ribeye is perfect for those who love juicy cuts due to the lines of fat in it. Strip is the most steak-flavored piece. The smell will drive you crazy from the very first minutes of grilling. T-bone or porterhouse are also very delicious cuts. And finally, siroline is perfect for those who don't want to spend a lot of money on steak. It is usually cheaper than other types of cuts, but the quality is still high. The thickness of a steak may vary, but make sure it is at least 1,5 inch thick.



So, right after you decided which cut appeals to you, it's time to prepare the meat. First of all, make sure you bought a fresh steak right before the cooking and try to keep it out the freezer. The point is freezing the meat and then and defrosting it can affect the quality and taste. If you can't start cooking it right after you went back from the grocery store, and freezing the meat is inevitable, put it in the fridge (not in the freezer!). Put it out of the fridge 20 minutes before grilling. If the meat was frozen, opt for cold water defrosting or refrigerator defrosting. Refrigerator defrosting can take some time, from 4 to 24 hours depending on the size.

Make sure your steaks are at room temperature by the time you put them on the grill. Wipe it dry with a paper towel. After that, use your favorite spices (I prefer just salt and pepper), apply some olive oil on both sides of the steak and put the steak on the grill. If you are using marinade, make sure your steak was soaked in it for at least 30 minutes. Don't forget to preheat the grill for better crust.


Ways to cook a steak

The next thing you have to think about is whether you want a rare, medium rare, medium, medium well done, or 'well done steak. It's the matter of personal preferences. Most of people prefer medium rare, crusty and firm on the outside and gentle and pink on the inside. If you want to grill a medium rare steak, roast it for 3-4 minutes on the one side, then turn the grill down and continue for another 2-3 minutes. Then flip it carefully and grill for 6-7 minutes.



Another vital thing about cooking a steak is letting it rest for about 10 minutes.



No defrosting

Don't defrost your steak at room temperature or in warm water! It can cause food born illness.


Don't add olive oil right into the pan or grill!

Spread it on the surface of the steak.


Don't be in a hurry

Don't eat your steak at once even if its fantastic flavor makes it hard to resist. It should rest in order to prevent excess moisture loss.


Don't divide boned and boneless meat

Don't get prejudiced against boned and boneless pieces of meat. They both are good.



So, as you can see you don't have to be a professional chief or go to the expensive restaurant to eat a quality steak. Basically, a good steak can be even cooked in the regular frying pan.

Quality of the steak in 90% depends on a type of meat you are buying. If you bought meat of high quality, the risk of destroying a steak is very low.

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