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How to Grill Corn


Corn is probably one of the most beloved side dishes. It is tasty, nutritious and pretty easy to cook. There are dozens of corn recipes to be found out there, but grilled corn is the most delicious one. Besides, it's pretty quick and easy because you don't have to mess with boiling water or roasting it with lots of olive oil.

First of all, you should go to the grocery store and buy some fresh and young corn. Corn that is sold with the discounts is usually pretty old and dry. It may take you a lot of time and effort to cook it properly, and still, there are no guarantees of success. So, how to choose the right cob? It should have yellowish stalks and nice green husks. Pierce one of the grains with your nail - a fresh and young cob is juicy and sweet.

Grilled corn is to be cooked in their husks, directly on a hot grill. Why not peeling the cob? First of all, the husks prevent the corn from getting burned or dried. And of course, they create a little greenhouse effect that make the cob juicy and gentle. Some chiefs advice to remove several layers of husks and leave just a couple of them. That sounds perfectly sane.


The good thing about grilled corn is the fact that it doesn't need any specific preparation (unlike potatoes that should be peeled, washed and cut, or rice that you are supposed to steam and make sure it's crumbly, etc.).


Preparation of corn

All you need to do is strip the corn husk all the way back to the stem but don't remove it. Then, apply some vegetable oil on your choice. You can use a brush to apply it evenly, or you may use your hands if are not afraid of getting messy.



So, now preheat your grill to 550 degrees F. Choose medium high mode. Put the corn on the grill and flop it every 2 minutes. Make sure it is grilled equally from each side. Cook it about 10-15 minutes in total.

If you prefer to grill corn without husks, make sure you put it off the grill before it starts turning brownish. Burnt corn has that specific bittersweet taste and smoky flavor that you probably won't like.

It's very important to let the corn rest for 5-10 minutes before serving it. Be careful! It's very hot.

Remove the burned husks and put the cobs on the plate.



Traditionally, grilled corn is served with butter, but you can use any other option. I know that some people love eating it with mayo or barbeque sauce.

For a richer taste and flavor, you can peel the husks off before putting the cob on the grill, and apply some softened butter, salt and pepper. Some people use different spices like oregano or basil, but I think that salt and pepper are more than enough. Don't forget to close the husks.

This recipe is perfect if you want to use corn as a side dish, but if you want to add it in salad or salsa, you should cook it with its husks peeled off. You can use a regular knife or special corn cutter.


  • Don't touch your freshly grilled corn with bare hands! It's very hot, so you'd better use gloves or wait till it's cool.
  • If you are not sure whether it's ready or not, you'd better put it off the grill. A slightly undercooked cob is much better than a slightly overcooked one.



Well, as you can see, grilling corn in the cob is as easy as ABC. It will make a perfect match with other veggies, meat or fish. If you wrap each corn with a foil, they'll stay more tender and juicy.

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