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How to Go on a Spiritual Journey


Spiritual journey is a path to yourself. It is often used in a religious context. It is also known as a “full comprehension of a situation”. It has a lot to do with liberation and enlightenment. No wonder in Christianity it is known as enlightenment, in Asian religions – as liberation. Related names for this phenomenon are revelation, conversion, metanoia. In western understanding it is awakening. This term is also used by Christians (Great Awakenings). Some believe spiritual journey can be either mental or physical and spiritual journey is a journey aimed to gain a better understanding of oneself.


The beginning

The “Call to Adventure” can be something you hear or read, it can be something that happens to you – something that is going to make you want to change your life forever. Before you start your journey, you will have to ask yourself a number of questions:

  • Who am I and what is my life about?
  • What can make my life more meaningful?
  • Why am I like this and why do these things happen to me?
  • What can I do to change my life?
  • Why do I care what others may think?

And etc.

Physical spiritual journey

If we speak about physical spiritual journey, it can be a journey to Jerusalem, Tibet, Cairo, Rome, Delphi or other holy / sacred places. It can be a place that is special for you, a place that gives you peace, lets you examine yourself and grow. You should go on such journey alone as only solitude and new places can help you learn more about yourself and help you understand who you are and what you want to do with your life. To go on this kind of journey, you have to learn more about a country you want to visit. If you are not willing to go somewhere all by yourself, bring a friend, but agree to give each other some space. Think about what the place you chose can give you and what challenges you may face, how will these challenges help you grow? Stay in one place for a while, long enough to enter the spirit of things and learn something.

Mental spiritual journey

You can start with meditation, if this is what you want to do. Get out of your comfort zone by going after your dream. If you’ve always wanted to be an artist, buy brushes and oil paint, if you’ve always wanted to change profession – do it, take courses, start looking through ads. If you do what you don’t like; if you give up on your dreams / hobbies and think that a desire to draw is foolish, childish and is a waste of time; if you keep working in a place that you hate – you will inevitably lose yourself, you will bury yourself under a pile of someone else’s hopes, dreams and disappointments and keep living someone else’s life. To find yourself, start doing what you like, it will help you explore yourself and change your life forever.


Physical spiritual journey

It shouldn’t be just a trip to sightsee, it should be something more than that. Book tickets in advance and remember that you don’t have to spend much money to travel. You are not in this for fancy hotels or first-class tickets. Don’t give up if you find something difficult to deal with.

Mental spiritual journey

You shouldn’t force yourself to do something you don’t like. Don’t postpone starting a new life - if you don’t do it now, you will never do it. Don’t ignore the “Call to Adventure”.



There is an opinion that we all are on a spiritual journey as we learn and grow in the course of our lives. All you need is continue this journey, because only on this journey you can find yourself. You shouldn’t postpone it or give up on it. It is never late to start a spiritual journey and explore your inner world.

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