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How to Go Green


We've been torturing the nature for hundreds of years. Ages ago, the words "global problems" sounded like an abstract definition of something that we know exists but has nothing to do with your lives. Today, we start experiencing these problems in person. In the limelight of global eco concern, you may want to go green and put your 2 cents into a common aspiration for saving the planet. Here are some tips for a newbie.



Change your menu

This is the easiest step you can take. If you are really excited about doing your best to save the planet, you can go vegetarian or even vegan. Indeed, billions of dollars are spent annually on meat production. Needless to say, poor animals suffer a lot, and you should strive for being a part of the nature, not a master and tyrant. If you don't feel like refusing to animal products at all, you can substitute them by vegetarian products at least partially.


Invest in local economy by buying food on your local farms

You support the natural and individual production and aid the economy tremendously.


Refuse to bottled water

Buy a filter and drink pure water without supporting the chemical industries and littering the environment with undecomposable plastic bottles.


Save energy

Opt for solar panels for your house and change all your regular light bulbs for eco-friendly compact fluorescent light bulbs. Don't use too many kitchen supplies and limit yourself with a couple of the most crucial ones. Remember that each joule of energy that you waste at home affects the environment, so don't forget to unplug the devices when you don't use them, use your thermostat wisely, etc.


Save gas

Drive cars that use alternative sources of energy. Of course, not all of us can afford a Hybrid, but you can ride a bicycle or walk when you have a chance.


Save water

Have you ever thought about how much water we waste every day? Think about it every time you turn the tap. Take a quick shower instead of filling a tub with gallons of water, and buy a low flow showerhead that helps using less water.



That's a must for any green person. You aid the planet tremendously by using the recycled products.


Reduce your food waste

Do you know that about 1/3 of your food supplies goes into the garbage bin? Try not to buy excessive foodstuffs.


  • Don't think that these measures are insignificant and can't help the environment. Indeed, many people think: "C'mon, everyone does this! Nothing changes if I go green". Learn big things small.
  • Don't be a pain in the neck for others. Some people get too far with their green ideas and start annoying others.
  • Don't be passive when you see someone is careless about the environmental issues. Take notice of harmful actions and tell people why they should be more eco-friendly.
  • Don't support the policy of consumption. Produce more, consume less.



Well, these are the little things that you can do to become a part of a huge saving mechanism. Mother Nature has been supplying us with everything we need for centuries, and now it's high time to give something in return!

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