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How to Get your Boyfriend Back


Life is black and white stripes, and the periods of joy and happiness are changed by the periods of disappointment and pain. Same happens with the relationships: the times of long-awaited meetings, holding hands and having good time together are changed by the breakups, tears and depression. As a rule, the relationships are ended up by one person who initiates the breakup, and another one wants to get the partner back. So, if your boyfriend told you that this is it but you don't want to let him go, here are some tips to help you get the things back on track.

Remember, only brave people are able to stand up, man up and fight for the people they love. If you believe you are destined to be together, give your relationship a second chance. Forget the prejudices that a girl should be passive, we are so over that today! If you start nothing, you will get nothing. Follow the advices below and believe that you'll be able to get HIM back.


The good thing is you can opt for various strategies because basically you have nothing to lose. The first thing to do is keeping in touch. The point is any breakup usually means he's not answering your phone calls and doesn't reply to your text messages. You can do it by sending some really nice and friendly message, like "hey, I just want you to know that I'm not mad and I really appreciate what you've done for me". I don't think I know a single guy who is mean enough to just ignore such type of message. He will call you back just because he is flattered and he knows you're not going to shout at him. Besides, he probably feels bad about you and your breakup too, so this is the way to ease the pangs of remorse. Plus, such type of message will make him curious, like, "what exactly did I do that she appreciates? I want to know more!"

If he calls you back or replies to your message, you should be prepared and have an answer and a story to tell. Don't talk about love, be calm and sincere. You should sound like, oh okay, I'm over you, but I am an adult person who is capable of analyzing things and valuing the good ones. you are still important to me, but I'm not going to ask you for anything.

Try to live your life. Go out, take care of yourself, go shopping, etc. By the time he's ready to get back to you, you should be a better person, or at least a person he fell in love with back those days.


No long conversations

Don't make the conversation too long no matter how much you want to listen to him or talk to him. A little effort and sacrifice now will make your reunion possible in the future.

Avoid drunken dialing

Never go out alone and ask your friends to stop you if you start calling him when drunk. Drunken people are disgusting for those who are sober, so you'll only make the things worse.

Don't be annoying!

That's the main rule. If you really want to get him back, you must disappear for a while, show him that you are okay without him and thus make him start worrying that he can REALLY lose you. Don't call him too often, don't come over with pizza and beer, don't send your friends to him to spy. Be cool.

Don't use sexual intercourse

Sometimes, communication alone isn't enough to weather a relationship through stormy times. Nonetheless, using sex to get him back won't work either. There are not so many guys who would refuse to having sex (unless you split up because of some really serious reason like cheating), but this is just a short term painkiller. It's not gonna work.

Don't threaten him

Not only can it drive him further away from you, but it can also cause legal issues.



Whatever reason caused the breakup, you still have good chances to improve everything. You know, people get back together all the time, sometimes they just need some space to re-evaluate your relationships, or maybe get some other experiences to compare and understand that you was his perfect match. Nonetheless, before taking any action, think carefully whether you really need to get him back. As sad as it may sound, what we want is not always good for us.

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